Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some things I've made and baby update

Baby will be here before we know it, and the kids start school in 13 days. And I'm not really ready for either.  But I have made a few fun things lately, not as many as I would like....but better than nothing at all. 

Whipped up this hat last night for our soon to be little pumpkin. Who btw still has no name! It's crochet and was super fast to make .. The pattern can be found on my pinterest board titled crochet. 

I am now selling these darling laser cut wooden necklaces and magnets in my shop!  

I whipped up this vintage sheet bunting a week ago.. Love how it looks in my shop window.   Thinking about making some for fall.   

The beginning stages of the nursery makeover.  It's still in progress.. Which is making me nervous with only 7 weeks until my due date. 

I will try to post more nursery photos as soon as we get it done.  

And here's a belly shot from a few weeks ago. 

I've been wanting to do a post for such a long long time. I finally just made my self do a quick one with whatever photos I have on my phone. 


Carly said...

Yeah for baby and you and family! I am blessed with b/g twins 9 mo. Such joy! I see you've done vintage linen swaps and such! How fun, I'm a new follower hope to join a swap in the future! Take care!
xoxo Carly

Carly said...

Holy cow! If I'm ever in CA again I'll be sure ti visit your lovely shop! xo love it