Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Son

First of all BOYS are so crazy different from girls it is not even funny. My girls never did any of this stuff! Graham started the day earlier than usual, because he remembered he could climb out of his crib! So out he came at about 7am, which is about an hour and a half to two hours early for him. So we snuggled and watched a show for a bit. Then he gets down and me being the dumby that I am think he is going to go play with his cars, NOPE. He went into the kitchen pushed a chair up to the counter and I hear the lid of the candy dish, cluing me in that he is not playing cars. So I run in there and get him down before he eats the whole jar of candy. The rest of the morning went fine until it was time to get ready to go to the grocery store. I use to stick him in his crib so I could get ready, but clearly that is not an option, so I turned on a show and gave him a snack. He stayed put for a few minutes and then was in my room driving me crazy while I was getting ready. He likes to climb on our bed and do somersaults and jump like he is on the trampoline. So, I tried putting him in the crib, that lasted all of two seconds and there he was again. UGGGGGG

I finally got him to sit and watch a show so I could quickly dress and put mascara on. Once I was done I asked him to go get his shoes, coat and hat. It was taking a really long time, so I went in his room to see what he was doing? He was standing on his changing table, ahhhhhhhh. We eventually got out the door and to the store. He has to ride in the cart that is a car, so we get all settled in, this car is high off the ground which is good. However the seat belt tightener thingy was stuck so I could not get it tight enough. Which caused major problems half way through the store. He started to climb out of the seat belt and was leaning over the edge trying to reach things in the isles and in my cart. I had to force him to sit down while he was screaming and flailing about, I am sure people were staring and thinking terrible things. Needless to say the grocery store was not fun, because he was clearly ready for a nap.

We get home he has some milk and I put him down for a nap. HA For about a half hour, I put him down he climbed out. So finally I sat in the rocker in his room and waited until he fell asleep. He is now peacefully sleeping!

So I need help: The crib is at the lowest setting. He is not ready for a toddler bed, he would never sleep, plus I am not ready for him to have free roam of the house. When the girls were little and in toddler beds, I gated the door to their rooms so they could not roam around with out me knowing. This will not work for Mr. Monsterpie, he would just climb over. I am wondering if the crib tents work? Or will he just chew a hole through it? I would love some suggestions:)

Here he is in the snow with his car.

Yes, that is my son in the pink snow pants. I'm sure he will love that when he is older!!

I am trying to figure out how I am going to deal with this crazy boy and a baby. YIKES!

Have a great day!


Heidi Jo the Artist said...

I’m not sure if this is the safest thing in the world but I know some friends of mine put one of those baby proof door knob things on the inside of the bedroom door so the child couldn’t get out of their bedroom when parents were sleeping, sounds safer then letting your monkey roam around unattended. My little girl is 20 months old already and is trying to test things out more and more. We co-sleep so if she wakes, I’m awake. If I wake before her (which is rare because I go to bed super late) then we still use a baby monitor to give us peace of mind, it works well when she naps. Hope this helps. Congrats on #4 on the way!

I also was in your Pink Vintage Christmas swap and did post what I sent


And what I received


I never did get photos posted to flickr because it got hectic around Christmas and I still would like to sometime.

Have a good afternoon!

Heidi Jo the Artist

Priscila said...

HAHA Im laughing sooooo hard!!!! Boys,boys, boys!!! Let me tell you! I had Christian go in a toddler bed about 2 and a half. I bough tthat safty bar that goes on it so he cant fall out and I lock the gate when I leave him. I usually will put on a video or whatever...but I have caught him scoot a chair over and try to climb out over the gate! With us Christian just had to learn...I dont really know a safe way to keep them in there room without it eventually becoming a disaster. I also know about having to get ready and them all over you. Carter I put on the floor with toys in my bathroom while I take a shower. If I didnt do it that way I wouldnt ever get one. Its going to be hard with number 4 but at least you have older daughters that can really help!!!

Landon Taylor Sanchez said...

My friend Taylor had to use the tent and it worked with her son. She said that at first he was like a wildcat caught in a cage....but he got used to it.

The Barefoot Scrapper said...

OMG love it, could have written it! As for the gates hon, stack them!!! Buy two!! Use one like normal and then stack the second right at the top of the first.....

and just wait it gets worse! one day I found my son on top of the refridgerator!!! and if they cannot find a chair to use how about the oven door, the dishwasher door or the the dryer door, they use them like steps! and funny how they can climb furniture by using stepping on the knobs, ouch! With the "wandering" you might want to install what we
call "motel locks" those brass locks that fold over like in a hotel and put them up really high on everydoor leading outside.

Teresa Porter said...

Too funny Jen. I went through that with my son as well, but while we were in the store, as he was trying to grab everything from checkout lane candy boxes, I held him on my hip and used my free hand to unload the cart and with his free hands, he unzipped my shirt! I learned my lesson.

good luck with the corralling,

Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

Ahhh...just roll with it. LOL I know I'm not much help.

I've tagged you for a meme can check it out on my blog.

Sarah and Jack said...

This is not at all what you want to hear, but it's just going to be a long few months I am afraid. Once they can climb out, it's really not safe to keep them in the crib anymore, they could sustain a serious head injury, so it's off to a toddler bed.

Sadly that does mean plenty of roaming.

We did use one of those child door knob cover thingys for awhile, but it didnt take Jack very long to sort out how to remove that.

We just had to do the super nanny thing. In the bed, back in the bed, back in the bed, back in the bed, back in the bed, back in the bed for many, many, many hours for a week or so until he got the idea.

(And Jack would NEVER EVER watch tv at that age either, so there was no entertaining him while I showered or anything. I used to just lock him in the bathroom with me and put him on the floor with a toy.)

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh you poor thing! You must be exausted! My son was a lot like this...but let me tell you, how sweet and calm he grew up to girls...well they were full of drama from day one! Boys DO get easier...girls don't! I love the idea of stacking the double baby idea so far!