Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Time Blues

Well, I have a stinking cold and as you probably know you can not take anything for it while you are pregnant! Graham is also sick and kept me up most of the night. He ended up sleeping in my bed for half of the night and that seemed to help. Chad is in Canada for work so I was not squished on the edge of the bed while the dudes hogged the rest:) The down side is I am on my own with the kids all week.

Yesterday, the girls were home as it was a holiday and they are home AGAIN today because it snowed last night and school was canceled. No, we are not snowed in, there is maybe an inch on the ground and it is still lightly snowing. The girls dragged the snow clothes down from the attic and are bundling up to go out and play. Super exciting for these CA girls. Gabby is having to wear my snow gear, fortunately I was pretty thin when I bought the pants, they are still a bit big, but better than nothing. I bundled Graham up in the PINK snow pants and let him play a bit too. I don't have any boy snow gear:(

I put Graham back in his bed around 6:30 this am and around 8:30 he was hollering for me. So, I said just a minute and laid there for a second more. All of the sudden there he was standing in my room saying HI mama. I then asked the girls if they got him out of bed and they did not, so the little turkey climbed out of his crib. Now what the heck am I going to do with him!

The girls and I watched the inauguration, I am not sure how much of it they understood, but still an important event. I wasn't sure what else to say about this event, but April stated perfectly how I am feeling, so read her post.

Have a great day!


Landon Taylor Sanchez said...

I am laughing so hard that he escaped from his crib! Either time to lower it or time for the toddler bed!!!

The Barefoot Scrapper said...

Sorry your feeling like crap and being pg makes it 10x worse I am sure. Crib.....well, at least he lasted this long and well.....your going to need the crib here shortly anyways for the baby so....looks like its time to hit freecycle for a toddler bed! LOL

Snow gear, if it makes you feel any better we took the kids to the snow a few weeks ago with the Kaisers and Ella did have a her pink coat (that thank god gramma got her for xmas) but she also had on blue snow bibs (carsons old ones) and brown pirates of the caribbean snow boats, again handed down from her brother. Hey, as long as they are warm and dry right?

{april kennedy} said...

Hey...thanks for the love on my political post! I was a little nervous some wouldn't get my real thoughts....most did...only one thought I needed a history lesson! ;)

Hope you are feeling better soon!