Friday, January 16, 2009

Sometimes it Pays

We are diet soda drinkers, and about two months ago we bought a 12 pack of diet wild cherry Pepsi. We drank a few of the sodas and then we pulled out one and the can was only about 3/4 full. So it sat on the kitchen counter for months waiting for one of us to take it back to the store. A week or two ago I got tired of looking at it and put it in my car and there it sat. Until today when I finally remembered to throw it into my purse before going into the store.

I got my groceries and went to the check out counter, of course I got the old lady checker who if you want something out of the norm, she has no idea what to do. Right before paying I show her the can and she directs me to customer service with a look of total confusion. I pay and head over to customer service, the young guy was so surprised by me bringing in one can of soda, he literally turned the can around and around for about 5 minutes looking amazed. I finally had to ask him if I could get a refund for the damaged can. He says" but we don't see just one can." I say" I realize that, but I bought a 12 pack and this one was damaged." He picks up the phone to call some unseen manager and then says "I can give you a new 12 pack" and then he runs off and gets me a new 12 pack.

So, it was worth the months of staring at a can of diet Pepsi and driving around with it in my car. Woo Hoo, I got a free 12 pack!!!

Have a great weekend!


countrygirl3031 said...

Good for you...amazing how the checkers can't handle anything that's not normal for them!


checker said...

Okay, it is not fair to put all of us checkers into one catagory. I understand some of us are not the brightest, and did not have any schooling past high school. I have been a cashier for over 25 years. I love my job, and have people standing in my line just so I can help them. I know at my store I work at, you would of gotten the same response from one or two of the cashiers, but not from the majority. You would of gone to the customer service counter where all exchanges/returns are handled.
The majority of the customers always tell us when we overcharge them, but, hardly ever come back when we undercharge them. We are just human. Sometimes people in real life "can't handle anything that's not normal for them"
just my thoughts....
I do love your blog site....

Anonymous said...

Nice score!