Friday, February 6, 2009


My friend Heidi and I were chatting the other day about having too much stuff. We were trying to figure out how to part with stuff you still like a lot but maybe don't love. Because clearly you keep the stuff you LOVE. So this is my attempt to get rid of stuff that I may still like, but just don't use or LOVE anymore.

I have decided to have an auction of sorts. My totes of items for sale and to be sold are overflowing, so I thought I would hold and auction. Here is how it will work, go to my Shoppe and find something you love and email me an offer.

This auction is only good on non handmade items in my shop or items I will be posting on my blog in the next couple of days. All bids will be considered. Please do not include shipping in your bid as it is not negotiable. Please include your paypal email address so I can send you an invoice once your bid is accepted. Feel free to bid on multiple items. Offers will be accepted until Sat the 14th.

So I am now editing this post and adding an item I was trying to sell on ebay! they canceled my listing because of copy write issues. This is not vintage or handmade by me, just want to pass it along to someone who will use it instead of it sitting in a tote with 50 other purses in my coat closet. So if you love this purse and want to bid on it send me an email with your bid. This bag is in excellent shape, I bought it at a purse party a while back.
Made by Rina Rich
With the Hermes logo on the front(Hence ebay canceling my listing)
It is a leather like material. It measures 16.5" from top of handles to bottom of bag, and is 12.5"across. Feel free to ask questions!



Tell your friends!


Nelly said...

How do we email you? I don't see your email and I'm interested in a couple of your things. Thanks.

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

So cute...That would be a cute purse for spring/summer. If I did not have so many purses (and it is sinful how many I have) I'd love to have it.

I tried selling a couple last fall on Etsy and Ebay, they both cancelled my sell. Esty did the same thing because I put the words "Shabby Chic" in a title???

My house is getting so full, that I am going to have to start standing on the street, holding a sign that points to my house.

I guess some have drugs and alchol problems, and then, there are those of us that have a "junk" problem.:) We just don't see it that way.

Good luck!:)