Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Fun

WARNING: there are a ton of pictures.
Here is what we have been up to the last two days.

Yesterday we went to a park near our house for an Easter Egg hunt. This park has a merry go round and a train ride which were all free yesterday. Needless to say it was a MAD House. We managed to have a fun time anyway.

First we did the 1-3year old egg hunt, which was really just a candy free for all. Which would have been fine if parents were not so GREEDY and RUDE. The rules were: Kids must be 1-3years old and one adult could accompany them. There were more rule breakers than not, which is sad considering it is for toddlers and do they really need the candy that bad?? There were parents that allowed their older children to help and these family's were scooping up buckets of candy. I let Graham get his own candy, isn't that the whole POINT?? I did push some closer to him because the GREEDY lady next to us was about to take candy for my baby. I was not about to get on my hands and knees and elbow babies out of the way for some candy. He was super happy with his choco as he calls it. When I got back to where the girls were waiting, Gabby asked- where is all his candy. I explained to her what was going on and she was sooo MAD, she couldn't believe how rude people are either. Sad when a 11year old understands better than a lot of adults.

Here he is so sweetly getting candy:)
You can see adult hands and knees behind him... Stupid LADY!

Here he is with his easter basket. He was still scanning the ground for more:)
Yes, that is his actual basket and I amazingly didn't have a smaller one to take with me. I think I got rid of them before we moved.

Next we rode the Merry Go Round.
My hair looks crazy from the wind, OH WELL!

Could he be any cuter?
The whole time we were on the Merry Go Round- he said ...

Gweny Gwen Gwen!

Gabby and her friend Emily.

We brought a picnic lunch with us.


Last evening we colored eggs, Graham LOVED it.
I hard boiled 44 eggs and he ended up dyeing 19 of them.
Gabby was super sweet and let him dye a bunch of hers because he was
having so much fun. He actually re-dyed all 19 of them more then once!

Serious concentration.

Gwen hard at work!

Gabby making her Adam Lambert egg.
So funny.

That table cloth is one of the cheepo vinyl ones from Walmart that we use to dye eggs and carve pumpkins.

His cheeks got pinker and pinker as he was working. I really need to make him a cute smock, this one is handy but not the prettiest!

As usual Gabby managed to keep her hands clean and Gwen's were covered in dye.

After the easter bunny came:)

The girls looking through their baskets.
The basket on the far left is a toy basket that I wish was not in the picture.

Eating a poppy as he calls them in his new spidey shirt. I fear he will not ever want to take it off. Spidey is his favorite. Not sure how it happened. I am not big on super hero clothing, but this one has a vintage look, so it is ok.

The girls took 48 plastic eggs that I had in a tote and hid them in the yard for Graham to find. He loved it, even though they were empty.

He looks so big in this one!

Look mom!

Well, I better sign off. We are going to go for a walk and then on to dinner!
Hope everyone had a happy Easter!


Wendy said...

i cant stand when people act like that.

how cute! it looks like he really had a lot of fun!

Shara said...

When I was little, I got my hand smashed by a big cowboy boot when a man rushed out to pick up candy for his kid when I was just trying to get ONE PIECE. My son is shy and intorverted, so he never got more than three or four eggs at the egg hunts. The good thing is, he was happy with what he got and only I was mad at all the other greedy parents. Rant over. Maybe.
PS Thanks for saying I am sweet on Heidi's blog.....MY DH would beg to differ.

Heidi said...

44 eggs! That's a lot of egg salad.

I've read on a few blogs about rude adults at egg hunts. What is it with that?

KatCollects said...

Cute Cute Cute Pictures. I love seeing little children enjoying Easter, so fun. I hope you have a good week.