Monday, April 13, 2009

Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of what baby girls bedding is being made with. I ordered the fabric from a super sweet lady who has a beautiful shop and an ebay store. Click photos to enlarge.

I LOVE the fabric, it is super soft cotton.
Yes, I am using all of it for her bedding:)

The lady knew I was making crib bedding and she sent me this darling bib.

Another peek.... her crib set up in the freshly painted room.
Sorry for the bad lighting..... I took it at 8pm tonight!
I actually put the crib together on Easter evening. I didn't want to ask Chad because he painted the room earlier in the day. He asked me" Do we really need the crib in the room NOW?"
"Yes" I said.
He says" Can we not put it in there in July?"
"NO, I need to do it now." He thinks I am crazy!
You would think he would understand nesting by now, plus I still have the energy.

Flash picture: so you can see the lovely bed skirt I made. It would have been really fast to make if I had followed the pattern. But I decided to make the skirt longer and add a ruffle to the bottom, so it took me twice as long as it should have. I am still thinking about adding another layer, we shall see.

Off to bed!


Rachel Knoblich said...

It will be so darling...I'm so jealous...I would love to decorate for a girl! Have fun!

Lisa Macomber said...

I love them Jen! I made all of Ellas bedding to and funny cause your 4th and 5th (in order) fabrics are very familiar to some i used. I think my one similar to the 4th one was a waverly fabric and the 5th one was a flannel one I used for sheets. Don't you just love decorating for a girl! I am going to redo carsons room here soon. I found a great comfortor cover at company needed a twin ($65) but the king was on clearance for $22 HELLOOOO! so going to cut it down and use the extra fabric for pillow and valance. Got some vintage rugby strip sheets and looking for anything vintage baseball for the theme. So if you run across anything vintage baseball in your estate shopping I will pay! looking for old prints, maybe old magazine covers, Vintage pendants (the felt ones) etc....

Wendy said...

Oh that fabric is so pretty! I just love Jenny Lind cribs. And your skirt looks fabulous! I really dont love the one that came with my daughter's bedding... but I'm not sure I could make one myself, not much of a sewer, although I would like to be!

Michele said...

Oh Jen ~ the crib with the bedskirt looks adorable! I agree with you tho...I would have wanted it in there right away too!