Saturday, April 25, 2009

Estate Sale Goodies

Graham and I went to an Estate Sale yesterday. I got excited when we pulled up because it was a really old house in the country and I could see good JUNK on the porch.

Some of the goods we got. Love the vintage pillow cases, can't wait to make them into something.

A vintage game and book with cute images.

A close up: vintage doggies for Gabby's collection. They were 35cents for both:)

I love these old pyrex mixing bowls, I have two others, that fit inside both of these. We bake a lot, so these will be put to good use. 4 vintage heat proof plates, think I will keep them for now.
And a cute vintage rolling pin.

This is Grahams treasure. He got it for free for being cute and good while we were there. The sale was inside the house and two older ladies were hosting it and they loved Graham. He was really good, he walked through the house and held my hand nicely. He carried this car around the whole time.

I got this dress for 50cents. Gabby said"uhh.. you are not going to wear that are you?" No, I am using it for the material. She was very relieved!

Close up of the fabric and the vintage button.

Vintage botanical print, there was another one and now I wish I would have got it, because it looks so pretty in my kitchen on the pink walls.

A close up of the vintage rolling pin. This will be going in the shoppe, I have a pink one just like it and we use it all the time. It will be 7$ plus shipping. So if you have to have it drop me an email with your paypal address and I will send you an invoice.

How cute is this little vintage purse. It is Navy and White with navy leather handles. It was made in Hong Kong. It will be going into the shoppe also. 7$ plus shipping.

Pretty pink vintage milk glass candy dish. I have one just like it all ready, so this one is going in the shoppe. 9$ plus shipping. email me if you have to have it before it goes in the shoppe.

I think this vintage dress is super cute, however I will not be wearing it because it is made for someone who is not quite as tall as me:) It needs a soak then I will be putting it in the shoppe.

There are soooo many yard sales this weekend, however I am going to skip them and get some things done around the house. It is a filthy disaster!
Have a great day!


Wendy said...

Looks like you found some great stuff!

Lisa said...

I need to find some sales like yours! I like the dress you got for the fabric...well not the dress but the material. :)Lisa

Mary said...

Great buys!!!
Love the dogs and the white mixing bowls. The Navy Purse is so cute; I'm tempted. I have two vintage wicker purses that I can wear with Navy. I'm crazy for anything Navy Blue! I'm going to think about this one.
Have a great Saturday!


Anonymous said...

WOW Jen! You really found some great stuff! if you ever want to trade some of your great finds for something I've made then just say the word!
:) Missy

Lily Boot said...

ooh the tic tac toe game and book look good. I love the graphics on the game box.