Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Accomplishments

I got a bunch of small projects done this weekend.
I finally put the Easter decorations away.
I made some strawberry jam.
We went for a family bike ride, which was tougher than I thought. We live in a hilly neighborhood and on the uphills, my knees kept running into my belly!
We got the rest of our garden planted.
Listed the items from Friday's Estate sale in the Shoppe.

Here is the before picture of my family room curtains. I made them this winter when it got super cold. We had not had anything on the window until then. I made them from a vintage bedspread, for the weight to keep the cold out. They worked good, but I hated the way they looked.

Here is the after. I got these panels at a yard sale last weekend, see this post. They were 50cents each. They were not hemmed, so during the week I washed, ironed and hemmed them. The problem was they also needed another seam along the top so there was a ruffle. I had to rip out one of the seams and redo it because I didn't measure correctly! OOPsie

I have a bunch of these, I have a aqua on in my guest room, a pink one in my sewing room and a couple others in boxes. I spray painted this one white.


Now hanging in Grahams room, perfect place for his hats. Hopefully he will not break it!

Not huge projects, but they are all done!
I have some other big ones to tackle, we shall see how quickly I get them done:)


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Can you come to my house?:) I didn't get as much done. Your curtains look great! It is so much fun to find a bargain. There is just something about knowing you didn't pay full price for something. Have a great week!

Seedplanter said...

Good for you, Jen, accomplishing all that in one weekend. You put me to shame!

Wendy said...

Hey, done is done! I never thought about using one of those for hats. Blake has a ton!



Great finds at the estate sale.The puppies are so sweet.
Nice job on the curtains...sewing is a real challenge for me...
Take care.

Ann said...

You're a fast and efficient worker. Why don't I get anything done on weekends? Too much self-indulgement I guess...:)

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

Doesn't it feel good when you get things done?! Love that feeling! :-) Good for you!! :-) I hope you have a fabulous week!!! hugs!!! Britt :-)