Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I finished a couple more blankies for baby girl! I can't seem to stop making them:)

This one is flannel and minky, which will be nice and warm this winter.

I also finished crocheting around the edge of this one. I love the way it looks, so sweet and vintage. I wish they didn't take me so long to make though.

A close up of the edges!
I have also been working on a knitted blanket for baby girl which I will share when I get it done. It may be awhile though, still have more then half to finish!
Off to watch Idol and knit!


Marie Reed said...

What a beautiful blog you have! I just voted for the name Scarlette and was surprised to see that it's the most popular so far:)

april o said...

Love the blankets! I think I need to make seat covers that are soft since it is getting hot and the black faux leather gets hot in the Mini.

Sheri said...

Oh my goodness! How pretty! Where ever did you find such beautiful fabric? I LOVE how you crocheted the edges...perfect!

Wendy said...

Those are so pretty!

Mary said...

These blankets are very cute! That rosebud print has been around for so many years; I never tire of it!
Hope you're feeling well and this is a great pregnancy for you!
Not too much longer now!