Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Simple Things......

Make my family happy. A month ago Chad's old boss and good family friend came to NC for business and took Chad and I out to a really nice dinner. Over dinner we discussed all sorts of things, including missing great wine and REAL sourdough bread. For some reason you can not get good chewy sourdough bread here.

Art, said he would have to send us some sourdough, and true to his word,
this is what arrived today by second day air. Just in time for dinner.

Chad was hovering over me while I was taking pictures so he could slice off the heel and enjoy. The girls were so excited too, they both said "real sourdough bread, yeah!" We enjoyed half of one of the loaves at dinner, I am pretty sure the other one and a half will not make it through the weekend.

This post is making me want to go slice a piece right now, but I will be good since it is 11pm.
Off to bed!


Rueby said...

You should learn to make your sourdough! Check out this page:
The girls could even help by being responsible for 'feeding' the starter or something. Could be fun :) I know there's a book called Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes A Day that I *believe* uses this method, or something similar to. Could library check that one.

Heidi said...

Oh, YUM! I love good tangy sourdough, and Boudin is GOOD sourdough! LOL When we were at Disney last week, you can go through a little exhibit sponsored by Boudin on how they make sourdough, and I think you even get a piece at the end. I SO wanted to go through, but we didn't have time! :(

Andrea said...

I love Boudin! I remember I felt the same about sourdough bread when we were in Chicago and always welcomed Bay Area food packages from my mom! Hope you all enjoyed!