Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sewing Like A Mad Woman

I have been sewing like a crazy lady. Everyday, I have been at the sewing machine while Graham is napping. Pretty much everything is for babies as you will see. You can click on the photos to make the pictures larger. I added a lot of these items to the neglected shoppe.

I started making flannel receiving blankets that are extra large, unlike the skimpy ones you get at the store. This one is double sided-same fabric on both sides.
You can find it in the shoppe.

Single layer polka dot flannel blanket also added to the shoppe.

Here are items I made for our little girl.
Fabric blocks, burp cloths and pacifier clips.
I love the fabric blocks, the bunny fabric is vintage, so cute.

Vintage inspired Giraffe single layer blankie. You can find it in the shoppe also.

A baby gift for a friend not to be named at this moment, in case she sees this.
Fleece & minki blanket, burp cloth and a camo pacifier clip.

Shabby Chic floral burp cloth, backed with pink chenille.
Also in the shoppe.

Sweet Faries flannel receiving blanket. Double layer for extra warmth.
Added to the shoppe.

Yet another flannel blankie. Puppy love.
You can find it here.

Pink Camo pacifier clip.
Added to the shoppe.

Pink camo receiving blanket. Find it here.

Pretty rosebud burp cloth. You can find it here.

Pink cherry burp cloth. Here.

So sweet vintage babies flannel blanket.
Find it here.

Pink polka dot pacifer clip.
In the shoppe.

More pacifier clips added to the shoppe.

Bath time flannel blanket.
In the shoppe.

This little item is just for me, isn't she the cutest mama chick.
I found the pattern on a blog, and for the life of me I can not find the link. AHH I Hate when that happens.

Found the link PHEW- Here it is.

Here is her little chick hatched from her egg.

Her cute little tail feathers!

Another gift for a friend that I will not name. A cute doggy burp cloth and pacifier clip.

Wow that was a lot of pictures!

Hope you enjoyed all my hard work:)