Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pregnancy Thoughts

It is so weird to think that this is the last time I will be pregnant EVER. I am trying to really enjoy the pregnancy part because it is the last time. It is also the Last time I will give birth, pretty ok with that though. Labor is not my favorite, even though I am pretty lucky and have had shortish labors. AND yes, I do remember how painful it is, "they" say "you forget" HA HA. "They" must have been a man.

My lovely daughters have informed me that my BUTT is huge... thanks daughters. Such a confidence booster.

I am not a big drinker, but when I am pregnant I crave wine & margaritas. I think it is because I can not have it that I want it more!

Being pregnant when you are 23 is very different from when you are 35. At 23 you just get pregnant and have a baby, no worries. At 35 you TRY to get pregnant then worry about all the horrid things that can happen to your baby because the chances of problems are so much higher. Actually we had a much easier time getting pregnant this time than with Graham, and his labor was the worst (so far), should have been a clue.
Belly shot taken moments ago.
I took it myself with the old stretch out arm technique, everyone else is in bed!

As I was putting up my ester decorations I was thinking about how at Halloween I was making all kinds of fun new decorations. Not for Easter... all crafting/sewing is devoted to baby projects. I am actually going to make her crib bedding and am excited about it. the fabric is picked out and ordered.

Sneezing requires you to completely stop what you are doing and clench your muscles so you don't tinkle in your pants.

You take for granted how easy it use to be to roll over in bed. Now, I have to do a three point turn just to roll over in bed,

I do love the fact that I actually have boobs when I am pregnant. I am sure they will be really lovely after breastfeeding four babies:( Worth it though.

Not sure how I am going to survive while in labor without a room full of my family and friends.
8 to 10 of them not including the Dr. and nurses. Who is going to hold my legs, and coach me through.

I guess this will be the only baby that will be delivered completely by the midwife. My mom got to help with the girls and my sis pretty much delivered Graham with the Dr's assistance. Afterward she said "that was fun." I said "glad it was fun for YOU!" I asked Chad if he would catch this one and he said "uuuuuh not sure if I am prepared for that." BTW- my sis and mom are not in the medical field, they just wanted to catch the babies.

I too would like to catch one or at least see one be born. I was supposed to see my nephew be born and he decided to be difficult and my sis had to have an emergency C-section. Maybe next time!

I know there were a couple of other things I wanted to mention, alas my pregnant brain can not remember them.


Wendy said...

I just went through my LAST pregnancy and wish now I would have taken the time to enjoy it more and to take more pictures. I took a photo every month with my first but only have one photo of me during my second and third pregnancies. Crazy as it sounds, I actually kind of miss being pregnant now that she's here, even though I was pretty miserable right beforehand! I havent sewn anything for her, but would really like to try and make a quilt if I can get my sewing machine to cooperate!