Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter Decorations

Here are a few photos of my favorite Easter Decorations.

I got this pink tree at Christmas time for 75% off at Hobby Lobby and could not pass it up. I also used it for a Valentine tree. I love the vintage bunnies sitting under the tree. This is in the kitchen and amazingly Graham has yet to touch it.

Close up. I got these vintage hats at a yard sale in Napa and never used them because I didn't decorate for Easter last year with unpacking. They are made from vintage nut cups, soo cute.

The ever famous printers box.

My little collection of vintage looking bunnies, they look so pretty against the pink wall.

A couple of bunnies tucked in with my goodies.

Last but not least is my front door wreath. I got it last year after easter for 75% off. I love it! I had to add the ribbon to hang it because there was no hanging device.

Hope you enjoyed the decorations.


Priscila said...

i love everything! Looks reall good. I love the printer box and have looked for one evertime I go out! I love the little bunnies under the tree...are they vintage?

Holly said...

I love your wreath! Have we met? I'm Holly. ♥