Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gwen's Birthday Celebration

Sorry for the long absence my good friend and her daughter arrived from CA Friday night. Her daughter is Gwen's best friend, and they arrived on her birthday, she was soooo happy. Saturday we spent the day hanging out and visiting while the girls played. That evening we took my aspiring chef to Fire and Sticks for dinner. It is like benihanahs however you spell it. After dinner we went to the movies.

Girls before dinner.

Gwen was so cute during dinner, she shushed me and her friend when we tried to talk to her. I'm surprised she even breathed while he was cooking she was so enthralled. SO CUTE. She finally ate after he was done cooking. The food was yummy.

Sunday we went to the park and then ate ice cream cones on the porch while the girls played outside. Monday, Gwen skipped school and we took the girls to Artquest in a local museum. They painted, sculpted, drew and had so much fun. Tuesday AM I drove them to the airport.

Gwen is still sad and missing her friend, at the same time trying to earn money for a plane ticket so she can go visit.

It was a great birthday weekend!