Friday, June 26, 2009

Book Review

I have been reading as usual, one of the books took me quite awhile though.

I just finished a book by: Sandra Brown called: A Whole New Light
It was a SUPER fast read, mostly because it was a mindless predictable romance. Not that it was bad, just predictable.

Before that I Read The Kite Runner by:Khaled Hosseini
It was an excellent book, set in Afghanistan. A lot of it was really sad, but really great. Makes you appreciate life in America.

The one that took me forever to read was World Without End by: Ken Follet.
It is a huge book, set in the 1300's when women were only good for a couple of things and were not allowed to have thoughts or do anything useful other than care for their man and have babies. It was a great historical fiction.

Just started reading "Three Cups of Tea" and am waiting for Finger Lickin Fifteen to come in the mail. Would love to know about some other good books, because my pile is empty after these two!

Happy Weekend!