Monday, June 1, 2009

Name My Baby Contest

As you can see the voting has ended for our baby names. I am happy to say that the big winner is Scarlette, which is our fave on the list. However we still feel the need to get this baby a name starting with "G", like her siblings: Gabrielle, Gwendolyn & Graham.

Here are the contest details:

Post a girls name starting with the letter "G" in the comments.
If we choose the name you suggested, you will get $25.00 worth of merchandise of your choice from the shoppe.
Make sure you leave a way for me to get back to you if you win

Please be original, I have looked for hours on at the G names
Baby Girl is due Aug 8th, so all names will be considered until then.

Thanks for the help, looking forward to what you come up with.


Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

Personally I love's old and means so much. But I'm sure you have thought of that and ruled it out. So how about...

Giovanna, Gilian, Gretchen, or Gigi??\

Wait! How many can I list? :o)

SherrysRoseCottage said...

What about the name Garnett? I think it's sweet & girly.

Heather said...

I thought of Garnett too or maybe Gizelle or Gia.

Heather said...

I personally know a Gianna, Glenita, Gabriella (Gabby) and a Ghleanna and love the name Gaia which is the feminine goddess name for the earth.

Evelyn said...

How about Ginger?

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Oh, how fun! I remember being in the delivery room finalizing what name we'd choose! Anyway, "G" names that I like are Galiana, Galina, and, of course, Genevieve (my great-grandmother was called Genny). All the best to you with your little girl. ; )

Anonymous said...

I like Gage.

JenW!~ said...

I have to say I like the name Gracyn but you already had that as a choice on your poll.

Colima said...

This might not be the most original, but seems to fit - Genevieve. And, there are nice nickname possibilities like Vivi, Gen, Genny.


LoveLaCroix said...

We're expecting a third, a boy. Had he been a girl, Georgia was at the top of my list! I can imagine both a sweet toddler and a middle-aged woman... not easy with every name.

Rachel Knoblich said...

We named our first four boys rhyming. (Ashton, Colewyn, Hayden, and Westin). So...I didn't want to break that pattern, but when I found McKale I had to break it. We call Colewyn- Cole it works.
My picks are:
Gracia -spanish for Grace
Gardenia -gardens flower
Genna (Jenna?)-white, fair
Goldie -having gold color
Wishing you a whimsical and fun name!

Amy - Park City Girl said...

Oh how sweet! Grace or Gwen would be my suggestions :)

For my Q size quilt - I am using 10 yards total, I cut around 140, maybe a few less for the cutting at the shop. I'm also sewing 5 together instead of 6, so I get 4 10.5 blocks from each group.

Hope this helps!

Kelly Dean said...

I really like Ginger or Georgia! After that I say some form of Grace...Gracie, Gracyn...

Good luck!
Miss you all bunches!

Priscila said...

GAIANA is different and pretty (Giana smith)
Gidget is cute

and thats all the names with G that I can think of...

Rachel Knoblich said...

I thought of two more:

Gaelle-accent on the e...I believe it's french

Gretta-we have some friends who named their little girl's adorable

teergirl101 said...

gail,garnette,gen,georiga,gertrude,gigi,gina,giselle,glenna,gloria,goldi,grace,gracy,gretta,gretchen,glyn(glen)genny,gena,glenda,gilberte,and ginger

was there a sertain amount of name...sorry 4 so many

and also u could always do a j name cause g and j sort sound the same same just a thought

♥SPeNcEr♥up the street
...remember gram: digerdigerdiger hahalol

The Chateau of Remnants said...

How fun is this?? I had a friend years ago and I have always loved her name.. I have always loved it! Ghenaw or Genaw your pick how you want to spell it?? Good Luck.. lot of choices..huh

{ttfn Blessings)

Sarah said...

Galadriel-- the elven queen in Tolkein's classic.

Wendy said...

I think Gwenna is a really cute name. Good luck with your decision!

I also considered Grace for Layla's middle name.

Dorrie said...

Here are three for thought. . .Gillianne, Gracelyn, and Gadynne (soft G). Good luck!

Susan said...

I'm a big fan of French names- how about:


Good luck with finding the right name for your little one!

Heidi said...

Oh, somebody already picked mine: Gemma. It's a saint's name.

I have a friend named Gavin (a more feminine spelling is Gavyn).

I also like Glynis (or Glynnis) or Gweneth. Gretel and Greta are nice German names.

Or if you have particular devotion to Mary you could always go with Guadelupe.

Emily said...

I love the name Greenlee.


Kimberly said...

I love the name Gillian. (Pronounced Jillian.) I had a friend when I was in high school with that name and have always thought it was beautiful!

I love the name Grace also, but it is hugely popular right now and you child would probably be Grace S. in class her whole life. (That's what happened to my niece.)

teergirl101 said...

thanks and has any one won the contest!! this is to kimberly

karen said...

Guilianna - an Italian form of Julianna - is my suggestion

Kimberly said...

One more thing,
I love this site:

They let you put in your favorite names and then give you similar suggestions.
A few unique "G" names that they suggested are:
Greer or Grier

We didn'tdecide my son's name until the night before I went into labor. Also my middle niece had no name for three days while my BIL & SIL debated names! Good luck!

Spiced Coffee said...

The many previous comments have probably listed every possible "G" name, but my suggestion is Gilia (pronounced Jill-ee-uh). Gilia is a group of wildflowers, and Gilia tricolor is a beautiful California native. Even though not born in California, she could carry a little bit of California in her name. Here is a link to a Flickr photo of Gilia tricolor:

Mimi said...

As I read through the comments, I don't believe I saw this name.

Gail Ann
Gail Ellen

My father's name was Gail.

Best wishes on your newest family member. God bless.


e4e823l said...

Gillee , prounced Jill-lee or maybe Gaylynn, and old fashioned name that is so pretty. How about Gabrielle another older name? Maybe Gerenna? Gladys(Gladice)?