Monday, June 1, 2009

Estate Sale Finds

Last Saturday Graham and I went to an Estate Sale while Gwen was at soft ball. It was family ran so the prices were great.

Once again my adorable boy got a freebie.
Two more cars for his ever growing collection that is taking over the house.
He was really good!

This has to be one of my favorite finds. Make it larger so you can read it:)
It was in the lady's bedroom, so funny that she made it and looked at it every day!
I hate the frame it is in so this is the before.

The picture above is more accurate color wise, this one was taken in the evening, bad lighting.

Here is the after, I happened to have this frame from a estate sale from last summer I think. The only problem is the fabric is still wrinkly, but I wasn't sure what to do with it because the fabric is fragile. It is hanging in my family room at the moment. My husband said" The man's fault is for marrying the women in the first place." ha ha

I love this mirror and it is currently sitting on the floor in the living room waiting for me to make a decision about where to hang it. I am thinking it would be super cute above the changing table if it was painted white. Other wise it will have to go somewhere else!

What do you think, paint it or not??

Love these old jars, however I did not want all the crap inside, but that was the deal.
Trying to decide if I am going to use it in the sewing room or the kitchen, it is all clean and shiny sitting on the counter.
Obviously I am a bit indecisive at the moment.

These plates were 2$ for 3 large bowls and 4 dinner plates and they are made in France. Hubby says we have too many plates. Which may be true, but for the moment the girls and I are enjoying these.

Vintage Christmas deco 75cents.

The vintage valentine girl is soo sweet, I have seen other people in blog land find them and was wanting one. Yeah me! I put the little blue baby shoe on baby girls shelf only because it is kind of girly with the pink laces and bit of pink paint on it. The little dogs are now in Gab's dog collection. Vintage keys are for some projects and the little black kitty is for my printer box for Halloween.

I need to put all the various holiday decorations in their respective totes in the attic, but it is super hot in there.


april o said...

Carlos would say the same thing about the print. And I think he says we have too much of everything! :-) Miss you. Hope all is well.

Heidi said...

That sampler is a hoot! And pretty too. Great finds! Love the big glass jar--you can never have too many of those, can you?

Sarah and Jack said...

I say leave that frame be. On the old ones I try not to paint them because I find that when I do, I dont like them as much as when they were in their original state.

jaybird said...

i say paint the mirror... you only live once!

Shara said...

That sampler is funny! I love the big old jar too - the Christmas ornaments would be great in it.

Glad your package arrived safely and intact. I wanted to send you something for Baby Girl's room, but didn't know what to send until YOU commented on the little planter. So, thanks!

itsystitch said...

lol, too funny! There were fantastic estate sales in west michigan where I'm from...but after our family's recent move to the West Valley in Phoenix, we can find nothing that isn't brand spanking new!

Wendy said...

I say paint it! Great mirror :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome finds! That needlepoint (or whatever it is) made DH and I laugh out loud.