Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pregnancy Update-Week 34

With only 6 weeks left to go, I am starting to fret about delivery. THE PAIN............ Yikes! I did the other three without and Epidural, I hope I will be able to do it again.
I am also bugged, because we still have not firmed up her name.
The nursery is finished... still need to take photos!
36 pounds gained so far...YIKES again.

It is soooooo hot and humid here, I feel like I am going to BOIL! Chad is getting irritated with me because I keep turning down the AC, he swears his side of the bed is 62degrees! AHHH, our bedroom is nice and cool and I can actually sleep a bit between getting up to get a drink of H2O and going PEE a thousand times.
I try to get a nap in each afternoon while Graham is napping, that helps me get through the evening.

My belly seems really big all ready, 6 more weeks and it is going to be HUGE!

My friend Melissa took a picture like this of her belly and I thought it was so cute, I had to copy! She is having her baby girl tomorrow:)

Gabby not really wanting to be photographed!

Gwenzie Lou being cute!

I got Gwen to snap a couple photos. Chad stood still long enough to get about 5 pictures, he is soo patient!

Kisses from Big Brother

Gabby was the photographer for all of them except the one of our hands and the one of me and Gwen.

I hope the next 6 weeks are full of fun activities with the kids, lots of finished projects, a continued healthy pregnancy, not too much more weight gain and a NAME for this child!


Heidi said...

You look great, Jen! You're in the home stretch now!!

Michele said...

Oh Jenn ~ you look, time when so fast!

Keep cool!

Shara said...

Love those tummy shots. My son was born in early September so I understand about the heat and humidity of a summer pregnancy. I went to work and straight home to the A/C. In fact when I brought home a baby, the neighbors were all shocked to find out that I had been pregnant!

I don't have your email -so you can emai me at monkeybox at juno dot com. (And you are too sweet to hink of me!

Christina said...

I was just looking at my pregnancy photos today and couldn't not believe how much bigger I got every week from 34-40 weeks. How I stayed standing is beyond me. I think it takes a special person to endure labor without assistance of an epidural. I think that's great. I had two (for one baby) and would do it again for another. I do not like pain. Although, pitocin (sp?) didn't help matters either. Good luck with choosing a name and in your last few weeks.

Wendy said...

You look great! Awesome photos, too. With my son I took pictures every month, but made the mistake of not doing it with Layla or Morgan. I kept saying oh not tonight, and then I ended up with only one shot of each pregnancy.

And I completely understand the heat! Blake was born in September. At least it's almost over!

Anonymous said...

hey Jen, everything will turn out great. you've done 3 births without an epideral so you KNOW you can do it! you are so cute!
:) Missy

KatCollects said...

Awwww what beautiful photos, love them. Sending prayers and hugs for you and your family for good health and lots of happy moments.

Amy - Park City Girl said...

Getting sooo close! You look great and her name will come together :)

I had an epidural w i th my fi rst an d hat ed i t. 3 natural after that! Owen's been helping my type :) You can do it!