Sunday, July 19, 2009

Art Adventure

Thursday the kids and I went on an outing to Art Quest which is inside the Greenhill museum in downtown Greensboro. Graham LOVED it sooo much. Gwen had been there before and she was happy to go back. My eldest child is apparently to old for such activities these days, she spent most of the time texting.

First stop painting.
Graham did pretty good not getting paint all over himself.

Gwen making a birthday painting for her Dad, since his bday is on the 8th of Aug(baby's due date)

More painting.

Gabby did a quick painting because Graham said: "sissy paint." She has a hard time letting him down so she painted.

Next stop the clay table.
Look at the right side of the picture, that would be Gabby texting.

Collage table, he was so excited about using the scissors.

This contraption is for making bracelets, which we did. Really, he was happy just turning the wheel~

After we left the museum we walked across the street to the park and the kids enjoyed the fountains. Graham was not brave enough to go under the water spouts, and I was not about to go under there and get my hair wet.

We had a fun afternoon!


Wendy said...

Looks like a fun day! My kids would love something like that. We have an art museum that has really cool summer day camps, but they are SO pricey.