Monday, July 20, 2009

Waiting for Baby.....

As I sit here writing this post my little baby is moving around making my belly look like aliens are inside. I have had two different people tell me that my belly is tiny. Well, let me tell you it doesn't feel tiny! I think it looks small because i have gained weight ALL over especially in my all ready huge butt, 42 pounds and counting. EEEK
I go back and forth between wanting her to come NOW and trying to remember to relish every last moment since this it the last baby I will be having.
I can't wait to hold her, smell her, and see who she looks like.
Then I think of the PAIN I have to endure and I freak out, not looking forward to that part at all.
Clearly it is all worth it or I would not be doing it for the fourth time.

I will admit I am looking forward to the time in the hospital after she is born when it is just the two of us snuggling in bed with no crazy boy jumping on us or no one starting a sentence with "MOM can I........ or MOM I need...... No dishes to be done, no laundry, no meals to prepare(Chad has been doing a lot of the cooking though), no bills to pay and the list could go on and on.
Like a mini vacation with my new baby girl only thing to think about is nursing her.
I will be bringing my laptop and updating the blog as long as I feel as good as I have the other times. So cool that the hospital has wireless access!

We are counting down days at this point, all the other three were early so hoping she will be too.
I have a Dr's apt Wed, so we shall see what he/she says, my midwife is out of town this week. In all reality we want baby girl to wait until next week so my midwife will be back.
Last week I was 70% effaced, head engaged not dilated yet.
The week before that I was only 40% effaced.
So far so good.

We have been nesting away, cleaning, finishing projects and organizing baby stuff. I moved Grahams car seat over and installed the infant car seat base, still need to bring the actual car seat up form the basement. Trips up or down stairs at this point are a huge chore so I am waiting until I can accomplish multiple projects before I drag my hugeness up or down stairs.

BTW- I am at the waddling point, such an attractive feeling. We went for a walk a couple of nights ago and I have one speed.... SLOW. Poor Graham would run up ahead and then run back.

Gwen is in charge of changing the number on the chalk board each day.

We think we have decided on a name, I will tell you this, it is not a "G" name. As many suggestions as we got you would think we could have found one we love.

It is almost 11pm and I need to wash my hair and do some reading before bed.


Amy - Park City Girl said...

I remember those times - don't miss the waddling but all the newness of life is AMAZING! Can't wait to hear what her name is :)

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Good luck, Jen! My mom spent 5 days in the hospital when we were born - that was just the norm. Not that hospitals are a great place to be, but 5 days of relative peace - those were the days!

Heidi said...

Hang in there, Jen! I'm still a ways behind you but I know my time is coming up a whole lot faster than I realize! I think you look great in the photos you've posted. :) Just a little bit longer now!

Anonymous said...

Oh cute! Love your letters!! :)

Christina said...

I gained something like 45lbs with Brice (my one and only so far) and I was HUGE! But it was all in my belly - typical boy pregnancy. I am not one that is brave enough to do it without an epidural, so the pain was nothing for me. And i'd chicken out and do it all over again. :) Good luck and I hope we see photos soon!