Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Shower Gifts

My sister hosted a virtual baby shower for me, for all my family and friends that are far away. Here are all the goodies we received for baby girl! You would think that I would have a ton of baby gear since this is number 4, but we sold a lot and some things got ruined in the move

From my sister- cool wooden toy, pink sheet saver a darling mouse lovie, a 6 pack of 8oz glass bottles and a 6 pack of 4oz bottles. Yes, I will be breastfeeding, but mama might want to have a glass of wine now and again and the other peeps in the family may want to participate in feedings.

Close up of the cute mouse in her pink crocheted sweater!
Love her!

From my Parents and Grandparents: The much needed pack N play.
All set up in our room waiting for baby girl to arrive!

From my friend Alicia: Pocket Envy- One of her friends makes these, you can find them here!
It is perfect for short trips, when you don't want to take the whole huge diaper bag. I love the shabby fabric she chose. The cool thing is there is a big pocket for wet items and a pocket with a changing pad and another pocket with a wipe case.

Picture of the wipe case. Such a clever idea!

From my friend Gina: Wipe warmer a must especially during cold weather. And a darling stroller/car seat toy.

From My dance friends: Kellie. Kelly and Tiffanie: A Bouncy seat- another life saver.
Need to get Chad to put it together, not that I can't do it myself, but I put the crib and pack n play together so he can do this!

From My Great Aunt Marlene: A baby book, which I am going to start filling out when I am done with this post!

From My Aunt Lori: DARLING Janie & Jack dress and Hat.

My mother in law and Grandma in law sent us gift cards for amazon to help out with the double stroller. I need to order it!

I also received a gift card for Babies RUS from my friend Jenny McCall, which I plan on using for hooded towels since I only have one!

Thank you all so much for your generosity we really appreciate it and can't wait for you all to meet baby girl!

Thanks sister for putting this together!


Michele said...

Hi Jenn ~ you got some wonderful gifts! Buying baby stuff is so much fun...guess I'll have my fill in the next few months. We found out Cassie is already 22 weeks and due around November 10th....sheesh!



Hi Jen,
That was so awesome that they had a shower for you and baby girl:) Some wonderful items for the little one.
Take care!!
Deb :)

jaybird said...

the pocket envy is super cute! what a smart idea!!