Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Poor Son....

The things this poor boy is subjected to living with sisters, I am sure it will only get worse once baby girl arrives. Poor Boy.

This is just a quick post, tomorrow I will be posting a quilting interview and working on getting the Fat Quarter sheet Swap organized to be mailed back to all the participants.

The other day Gwen and Graham were playing so nicely together in Gwen's room. Which was a rare treat for Graham because the girls DO NOT like him in their rooms.
I was cracking up when they came down, poor Graham in a dress with a flowery head band and eye shadow! He didn't seem to mind. Someday he will be less than thrilled that I posted this for all the world to see!

This was ensemble number 2!
You can also see his "boo boo's"
His boo boo's have been drama for the last two weeks.
When he first did it, he wouldn't even walk.
Funny boy!


Rachel Knoblich said...

Don't feel bad...I've put a few vintage dresses on Westin because he is so pretty. I should of never started that because he went through a phase where he wanted to be a princess and wear my pink stuff. I have my niece this week and I put a skirt on her today and he started whining that he wanted a skirt too. LOL I use to dress up my younger brother as a girl because I had no sisters for a long time.
I don't know if anyone mentioned this name for baby : Rosalie? It popped in my head because I have some Rosalie runners from Rachel Ashwell on ebay. That's a cute name. Good luck and I wish you a fast and painless labor. Mine is still fresh in my mind.

Emily said...

Aww!! Those pictures are soooo adorable!! It reminded me of my childhood. I have a little brother and I use to dress him up in my clothes and make him play house with me all the time. Graham is such a good sport!


Jean said...

My little brother grew up with 5 sisters, 3 older, 2 younger. The only way he would play house or anything else girlie was if there was real food! Course he thought we should all play trucks and tractors with him, which we did because it was something new and fun to do!

The pix are adorable.

Wendy said...

omg how cute! lol! and what a good sport!

Christina said...

lol - I use to do this to my little brother ALL the time. Poor kid. Good thing he didn't suffer any lasting effects from it.