Thursday, July 23, 2009

Up Cycle a Childs T-Shirt Tutorial

This is my first tutorial, hopefully I will explain things properly.

Supplies Needed: T-shirt with a cute image that is too small for your child or stained but the image is still in good shape.
A new plainish T-shirt
Sewing Machine
Coordinating thread

The hardest part of this project for me was finding T-shirts that were basic and inexpensive.
Enlarge Photos for better view.

Here is the finished product.
Graham was not being cooperative for the photo shoot.

Gwen in her finished shirt.
I purchased both shirts at Target, Gwen's was on clearance for $2.48. Grahams was $4.99

New T-shirt to be altered.
This was the most plain shirt I could find in Graham's size, seems like they all had pictures or pockets on them

Graham's old T-shirt that was too small.

Cut out the cute image, doesn't have to be perfect.

Pin image to new T-shirt. Pin well
***Make sure to only pin the image to the front of the T-shirt, other wise there will be no opening***

Gwen's shirt ready to be sewn.

As you can see, you can cut the image out in any shape.

Practice sewing on the left over parts of the old T-shirt so you can test your stitch length and tension. I used a Zig Zag stitch, but you can try out different stitches.

Once you have found your perfect stitch length and tension, sew around all of the edges of the image. I used cream thread on Graham's and white on Gwen's to match the image that is being applied.

Now you are done and have a new t-shirt with a favorite image on it.

Super quick and easy project. Will be making more of these when I find a good deal on T-shirts.
Hope the directions were clear.


Sue said...

What a great idea. I could use this idea on my son's shirts....he goes thru them so fast...but the images on them usually still look good. Thanks.

Wendy said...

What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

what a great idea! hey thanks for visiting my blog! I am checking out your machine? Do you love it? Mind telling me what things you love about it? I am about to go check out some sewing machines because my mom just told me she may buy me a new one! we'll see....

Anonymous said...

Love many cute t-shirts that are grown out of too fast! Terrific idea:)

skinner studio said...

This is an absolutely SUPER idea! Thanks for sharing!