Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Baby Gifts

Received some more gifts for baby girl, some from the virtual shower and some from blog land.

I received this the other day from my friend Jenny K. in CA. Super soft and cozy bamboo swaddle blanket and a sweet Lullaby CD. We used the swaddle blankets with Graham and they helped him to sleep better because he could not get his arms free and wake himself up.

This was from my friends Wendy and Heather in CA. I used the gift card and got a bunch of items I needed.
Thanks Girls!

A gift card to Janie and Jack from my friend Andrea in CA, who just gave birth to a big little guy. I just love Janie and Jack, all of their bags and packaging are so cute. I am waiting to use this one for when they come out with cold weather clothes, we are lacking in that dept.

This darling blanket is from my blogger friend Heidi, she sent it with the vintage sheets she sent for the swap. I just love the chick flannel, sooo cute. Thank you Heidi!

A close up of the darling bird appliques.

This last one is not really a gift, but I had to show you anyway. Missy and I did a trade, she wanted some items in the shoppe, so we traded. Missy makes the most amazing baby dresses, she has a ton of patience. Stop by her shop if you are looking for a heirloom special occasion dress. I do not have the patience for making garments this small, I have been working on a newborn dress for baby girl for weeks. It is almost done, just needs buttons and the sleeves set. I keep putting it off. Better hurry up and get it done.

Once again, THANK YOU everyone, I love it all and can't wait to use it all for baby girl.


Anonymous said...

you're welcome, sweetie! I can't wait to see baby girl wearing it!
:) Missy