Sunday, August 9, 2009

Funny night...

Two nights ago we watched two movies and stayed up until midnight. Which would have been fine except for the following events.

Scarlette likes to be awake around midnight, even when she was in the womb she would go crazy for a half hour or so every night around 11:30-midnight.

After her active period, I fed her and changed her diaper, swaddled her all up and went to wash my face. I hear a loud poop, so I stop washing my face and go change her again. Clean face and ready for bed, another loud poop, Chad and I were laughing at that point. In the process of changing her for the third time, she peed all over her Pj's and swaddle blanket. I had to go hunt down some Newborn Pj's in the dark in Grahams room and a fresh blanket. Finally got her changed and wrapped back up now 1:30 am.

That was the first night in I don't know how long that I have not read before going to sleep.

She then woke up at 3ish and then 5ish. During her 5ish feeding Graham started to cry, so Chad got up to see what was wrong. He had leg cramps, which he gets often... my poor boy. I use to get them when I was little too. Normally this is my department, but I had a baby attached to me so Chad had to deal with it. He brought him into our room and gave him something to drink. Poor Graham is still crying because daddy is not mommy!
I finished feeding Scarlette, get Graham some Tylenol and get in bed and rub his legs.
At this point it is after 5:30 and Graham is having a hard time going back to sleep and is bugging Chad.
Chad has never had an easy time going back to sleep,especially in the am when he is use to getting up early any way. He hopped out of bed and I started to laugh and said" Happy Birthday Honey" He laughed too.

Nice way to start his birthday!
However, at 7 Chad put Graham back in his bed and got back in bed with Scarlette and I and we got to sleep until 9.
Woo Hoo.

The funny part about it is I didn't even mind because I know how fleeting these days are and how soon these little ones will be big.


Michele said...

You are so right Jenn..they grow so fast, right before your eyes!

I'm not looking forward to these crying periods when Cassie has her baby...I'm way too old for this "no sleep" thing!


Amy - Park City Girl said...

aww - when it rains it pours :) Glad you are smiling!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh does that bring back memories! It feels like yesterday!
Get some rest!