Sunday, August 30, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

As soon as I saw this project I knew I had to participate. Even though money is tight for us right now, we have so much compared to people in other countries. I am especially fond of this project after reading Three Cups of Tea, you realize how little our government is doing to rebuild and help the people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

An American Solider started this project and here is the web site to get involved. If you do not have a fabric or yarn stash and still want to get involved, you can click on the link to sew mama sew below and they have pre made bundles for sale.

This is about the project from his web site:

Iraqi Bundles of Love is a short-duration project, set to last about six weeks, originally intended to surge fabric and sewing (and knitting!) materials into the area around which I live in Iraq. It is timed to coincide with both Ramadan, and the departure of my units from Iraq. If you’re reading this, well — it’s kind of grown. It’s going to help a little bit more of northern Iraq than just the area around where I live.

It is intended to be a simple project, requiring little effort and little expenditures from those wishing to participate. It is based upon my assessment that sewing fanatics and quilters and knitters tend to have stashes that far exceed their actual needs, and that sewing fanatics and quilters and knitters are passionate both about sewing / quilting / knitting, and about sharing with others.

I originally though success for this project was going to be measured in tens. Somewhere along the way, after folks like Sew Momma Sew got involved (see this and this), I began to think about hundreds. Now, thanks to folks like you, I am planning for thousands.

So here is a picture of what I am sending :
In reality I could put together at least two more, but like I said funds are tight so the postage is and issue.

Happy to at least do one:) and less for me to pack and move across the US.

Here it is all bundled up as requested, ready to go to the post office tomorrow.

If you want to participate, the mailing deadline is Sept. 7th.


Elise said...

Hello, you have such a beautiful blog I just had to leave you a small note to say thank you for sharing it ! You have written some lovely interesting and creative posts, and you have great pictures too. Perfection !

Best wishes....

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

What a great effort. I will go and check it out too! Everybody has some extra "stuff" to send!

Stay Cozy, Carrie