Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Weeks - Weight Loss Wed.

Well, sad to say this week was not great for me. My weight stayed the same:(
I missed exercise on Thursday because I was in a funk and then Sunday I was so tired from staying up too late Sat night watching a movie, that I just could not make myself exercise. Ate a TON of chocolate Thursday and Friday, Super yummy, but not good for the diet! I am going to make up for it this week. We are going to the beach at the end of the month when my in laws are here, so I need to loose at least 10 more LBS to feel some what comfortable and fit in some of my summer clothes and the dreaded swim suit!

Still 29lbs to go!

I am trying to up my fiber as I read in a couple of places that if you up your daily fiber by 8 grams and change nothing else you will lose weight. Fiber One Bars have 9 grams of fiber. Walmart and Target are making their own version which are a bit cheeper but still have the same fiberHere is the darling button April made for us to use on our blogs. Just right click on the button to save it to your computer and then add it in your blogger layout. Let me know if you can't figure it out.

An interesting part of an article from some weight loss web site... can't remember which one though.

Eating celery results in negative calories: True.

Yes, the age-old diet trick has been proven true. You use more calories eating a piece of celery than it actually contains. A stalk of celery contains six calories, but it takes approximately eighty calories to eat and digest. Many people run into problems when they dip celery into a fatty dressing. One tablespoon of bleu cheese dressing averages 76 calories and 7.6g of fat. If calorie cutting is your goal, be sure to eat your celery by itself.

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Hope everyone has a great week.


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

be easy on yourself girl! You JUST had a baby! It took 9 mos to get that weight'll take more than a few weeks to take it back off!
I LOVE fiber one bars!

Britt said...

Thanks for stopping by A Penny Saved and leaving a comment. I enjoyed poking around your blog :) I'm with you on the chocolate thing for sure - if I could only cut it out I would definitely loose weight, but it's not going to happen! I might have to try those fiber one bars, though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

I would love to join weight loss wednesdays :-)

I even got my Wii Fit out again today! I have put on 6lb since the last time I used it 7 days ago... lol

I am hoping to use it every day (as much as possible now though). And once Rianna starts school I am going to walk there and back to pick her up!

I will pick up your button, and from next week, Wednesdays will be all about weight loss! (hopefully!)

wishing you and all the other participants much luck!

Rose XXX

Tasha Riley said...

I need to start eating celery! I need those negative calories!!