Monday, August 3, 2009

Made it Monday

Went to the Dr. today and cervix is 80% now and 3ish cm and she thought it would be really soon. Have been having contractions every 5 minutes or so. Hopefully she is right and it will be soon~

On to the projects I have been working on to keep from going crazy with all this waiting around.

I finished another quilt. This one was for this quilt a long and I love it!

A different angle.

A close up
Baby girl is going to have a quilt for every day of the week!
Chad wants to know if we have enough quilts yet, and can I start selling them.
I told him, I am too new to quilting and they are not perfect enough to sell.
Someday maybe~

The back
Lots of vintage sheets in this one. The only thing I had to buy for this one was the actual tree fabric.

All folded up.

I made these letters for Graham to play with and at the moment Chad and Gwen are playing with them.
You can find the tutorial here.

This photo is funny because my big yellow belly is in it.

All the letters in their bag.
Graham ran around with the bag on his arm like a crazy person for about 5 minutes.

The beginning of the Zig Zag quilt for this quilt along. Not sure how long this one will take to finish.

Back to contractions and pictionary with the fam!


Amy said...

The quilt is beautiful. I hope your baby comes soon! I know what the waiting game is like! At least you sound promising...I hope it all goes smoothly and you have a healthy baby and a quick recovery.

Shara said...

Come on Baby Girl!

You are amazing - doing all that sewing along with everything else you have to do!

Amy - Park City Girl said...

Your quilt is adorable! And I have got to make a set of those letters! My 4 and 5 yo girls will love them - thanks for sharing :)

Wendy said...

great projects! i love the letters!