Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yummy Gift and Tagged

Chad came home with a wonderful baby gift on Friday from one of his co-workers.

He got us two of the items off of our registry, BPA free binkis and organic baby wash that smells fab. But the best part of the gift was the chocolate. His wife makes it and it is super yummy.

Isn't it pretty! It lasted all of a few hours and we didn't even share with the kids. So mean. We are going to order some more.... wish I had some right now! Their company is local but they have a web site which you can find here. I want more turtles ooh and some of the milk chocolate caramels, and some of the marshmallow filled ones ohh and the milk chocolate truffles were to die for.

Amy at During Quiet Time tagged me: She decided I needed to do this since I am just sitting around waiting for this baby to come out!

I was instructed to:
1-Collect the book that you have most handy
2-Turn to page 161
3-Find the 5th complete sentence
4-Cite the sentence on your blog
5-Pass it on to five other blogger friends

I do my blogging in the family room and mainly have knitting/sewing pattern books or vintage decorative ones. So, I had Gwen grab me a vintage book and here is what we get:

It's cocoa and animals that I love the most!
This is from the book Children's treasury and the story is titled "Animal Crackers"

I am too lazy to tag 5 people, but if you are reading this then you are tagged, so play along!

Tomorrow is the next Dr. apt, so we will see if anything new is going on.
My family is betting on which day baby girl will come, my Mom has today, my sis has tomorrow, my Dad has TUE and my crazy Papa decided she would come a week from FRIDAY, which is a week overdue EGADS! I hope my papa is WRONG!

Stay tuned for some finished projects, I have been sewing to pass the time!


Michele said...

Oh yummm...those chocolates are to die for!

Hope the baby comes soon...good luck at the docs!