Saturday, September 5, 2009

Apple Picking

Last Saturday I took the kids to go pick apples. The pick your own apple places are about 30 minutes from home, so off we went.

Gwenzie Lou

Graham really liked picking the apples, but even more fun was throwing them.
The girls and I had to keep our eye on that:)

After picking apples we got apple cider icees, soooo yummy.
Out behind the barn there was tire swings. The girls hung out on them while drinking their icees.

Graham was super excited to see the tractor, so we had to get a photo with it!

Even though she is too cool for most things these days, she still is a kido:)
Nice to see

Gabby being a goof ball!

Here is how Scarlette picked apples!
Someone bought this bonnet for me when I had Gabby, wish I could remember who it was... maybe grandma??
Each of the girls have worn it now:)

Graham, Gwen, Gabby & Emily(practically my 5th child)
We ended up with 30Lbs of apples, I have made two apple crisps, one apple pie and a batch of apple sauce and we have eaten a ton of apples. We still have about 15 apples left:)
It was a really fun day, so nice to relax and enjoy the simple things.


Emily said...

Looks like a really fun day!


Rose Charles said...

Oh what wonderful pictures - what a fab day! Bless, little boys do like throwing things don't they!

Looks like you are having a great time :-)

Rose XXX

annie2006 said...

sounds a great day out :)

Wendy said...

That looks so fun! I wish apples grew here.

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Jen, that looks like such a fun day! So good you documented it...otherwise it might be forgotten years from now. It IS the little simple joys in life that make our best memories!
Gabby is looking STRIKINGLY like you! Oh MY GOSH! I thought so the other day when you showed her picture...but that one of you two on the sidebar.......amazing!
Your family is all so beautiful Jen!