Friday, September 4, 2009

One Month Old

Miss Scarlette Grace is ONE whole month old today.
Can't believe it. It has flown by.. sniff.
She is such a sweet baby!

We have had some fallish weather... so she got to wear the little hat I made for her. I was afraid she wouldn't get to wear it. PHEW.
The darling outfit is Paul Frank, love it. One of Chad's friends at work gave us a hat box full of brand new baby clothes and this is one of the outfits!
If you enlarge the photo you can see the binki holder I knitted up the other night. I saw one somewhere online and thought I can make one, so I did and I like it.

The fearsome foursome!

Graham likes to look anywhere but at the camera, sheesh!
It is difficult to get a cute picture of them all at the same time!
Two posts in one day, that is a record for me.


Simply Sanchez said...

Love the picture of the four of them. Happy One Month Miss Scarlette!

Wendy said...

Such a cutie! I cant believe it's already been a month!

Artfulife said...

You have a beautiful bunch of kids there.

Rae said...

Awww! Our little peanuts could be sisters -- they look alot alike w/ the brown hair and cute faces! (: