Monday, November 9, 2009

Full... Are You Kidding me????

Today I went to register the girls for school. We got to Gabby's school 45 minutes before school started so we could get her registered and familiar with the campus. As soon as I handed the lady all the required paper work, she informs me the school is full. WHAT?? This is the school in our district that we are assigned to.. AKA- our home school. She then proceeds to tell me they will be busing her across town to another middle school. If I want her bussed to the other school, I have to take her to our home school by 7:15 when school does not even start until 8:15. Not going to happen, looks like I will be driving her to school. The only good thing about her going to this school is that a lot of her friends from when we lived here before go to school there. I had no idea that a public school could be full and turn you away when they are your home school.

We then drive back to our neighborhood to enroll Gwen in the elementary school 2 blocks from our house and they inform me that the 4th grade is full. Are you freaking kidding me. The super grouchy lady in the office at this school then informs me the district will let me know where they have room for her. In the mean time she can start there tomorrow and then switch schools AGAIN.

Off to the other middle school for Gabby to take a placement test. I ask about electives and they inform me that there is band, chorus and a life skills/technology class. WHAT the hell happened to ART, Home ec, wood shop????? GONE. This makes me so sad for this generation of children who will not get to experience any of these great things. They all ready have so much more homework at an earlier age than I ever did, school holidays are cut to a minimum so no one gets offended and no lockers so they have to lug their weight in books.... all because of a few BAD kids who have ruined it for everyone. Sorry for the ranting... I just get so mad about all of this.

We leave Gab to do her testing and race home so I can feed Scarlette because she and Graham are at home with Chad. And if I can ever find the box that my breast pump is in...leaving her would be so much easier. Gwen's school calls and tells me which school the district will bus her to. When I found out what school they wanted to bus her to I said" I will be intra district transferring her." Had to then run back to the school to pick up the paper work. I fill out the paper work and write a long letter as that is what is required to transfer mid year, load the two littles into the stroller so Gwen and I could walk the paper work back to the school. Chad had to go get Gabby because she was done testing. This all happened before 10am.

The results: Gabby will start school in the am and is first on a wait list of a charter school. Gwen will go to the neighborhood school until we hear about the intra district transfer(about a week). I will be driving them both to school. My next door neighbors daughter goes to the elementary school that we are trying to get Gwen into so we might be able to carpool.

My poor babies: they will each have gone to 4 schools in a year and a half.

Better get to bed since I have to get up at 6 and get everyone off to school.


Kelly said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear you had problems with the girls schools! It's the same in England unfortunately I hope it gets sorted out and that theyare happy in their new schools xxx

Rose Charles said...

Hi Jen,

Poo you, on top of the move all this worrying about schools must not be fun :-(
My daughter has only just started school this year, but the process here is just as frustrating (just to get into your local school, to make sure you have a "place" because you do not necessarily "qualify"). I am moving in the new year, not far, just to the next town, but am really considering leaving her where she is, not just because she has her friends there, but I am not sure I can deal with the whole school system!!

I hope everything works out for you guys :-)

Rose XXX

Wendy said...

That is insane! I cant imagine dealing with that. And the elective thing is crazy, too.