Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Fun

We arrived in Napa on WED. and jumped right back into the swing of things. We headed out to the pumpkin patch with our friends and their kids.

Gwen and Graham.

The whole Smith klan
Chad did not hold the pumpkins like that on purpose. Too funny though.

Little man picked out his pumpkin.

Graham's new friend Karson

Us at the top of the hay stack.
Gab, Graham, Gwen, Me and Scarlette, Tiffanie and Tatum and Keith and Karson.
Chad was behind the camera.

The Feigel Family.

Karson, Tiffanie And Tatum in the corn stalks.

Thursday evening one of our now neighbors and friend Laurie invited us down for pizza and pumpkin carving. Laurie(black shirt) Gab, Gwen, Keith and Tatum in the back, Tiffanie, and Maddie right front.

Gabby- love the face.

Graham was super into cleaning out his pumpkin.

Gwen making a funny face on purpose.

Chad holding the flashlight for Graham to see his pumpkin better.

Daddy helping Graham Carve his pumpkin.
See his shiner... we think he was running in the dark with the flash light and fell.

Scarlette and her new friend Tatum Jane hanging out in our stroller.
Scarlette has another friend named Tatum who she has not met yet!

My little kitty!
Side note: she is three months old today... Sniff!

Halloween evening we went to my friend Gina's house for a party and this is waht my little party animal did.

Gab took this one.

Captain Jack standing in our neighbors yard.

Captain Jack looking real happy.

Gabby the vampire, Graham and in the background is Gabby's BFF Karli who trick or treated with us. No pics of Gwen because she stayed at Gina's house all weekend with her BFF Isabelle.

The weather was so nice on Halloween, we had a great night!


Cheryl said...

So cute - especially baby! I love that you're wearing a baby wrap too:) Mine has been a lifesaver these past few weeks!

Wendy said...

What cuties!

Time flies, doesnt it? Morgan is 8 months old already!

Colima said...

Hey, welcome back to the West Coast! I'm glad you all made it safely, and it looks like you are enjoying being home :) There is another vintage sheet swap that is open right now - it's the same hostess and this is #7. I missed all the others, but joined in on this one! I finally have enough that I can swap!