Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weight Loss Wed.

I can't believe it is Wed. again all ready... seems like I was just writing last weeks post yesterday!
It has been a busy week getting the girls settled into their new schools. We do not quite have a routine yet, hopefully soon!

I have had a pretty good week exercise wise. Chad and I walked Wed-Fri last week. Sunday I taught Yoga and last night I did an hour and a half of tap and ballet. The dance kicks my bootie, I have no stamina because of not dancing for a year and a half.

Eating was not as good for me, my grandma brought over my favorite cookies on Sunday and I ate a ton of them. My friend Gina gave us a bunch of candy and I ate a ton of that too.

Despite all the goodies I still lost weight.
3.5lbs.. WOO HOO
8.5lbs to pre pregnancy weight and
15.5 to goal weight.

We have a few less participants this week due to the up coming holidays. Come back soon girls:)

Below are links to this weeks participants, pop over and leave them an encouraging comment. If you want to join us, email me and I will add you to the weekly email list. Everyone is welcome, weather you want to lose 5lbs or 50lbs. If you don't see your link and you are participating, please email me.
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Sweetina said...

I'm still in Sweetie for Weight loss Wednesday!
I posted today.I will continue through the Holidays also!
Hugs Tinxox
I have the button on my blog but i can't click on it.

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Great job!!!!
I ate like crazy last week but I am doing good this week :)

Colima said...

Good job!!!! You're almost there! You probably worked off the cookies in the tap/ballet class ;)

Florence and Mary said...

Well done on your weight loss... and def check out the calculator. It's much handier than the paper one!

Victoria xx