Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weight Loss Wed.-late

Sorry this is so with a cold not letting me get a lot done:(

It has been another crazy busy week. Not a good food or exercise week for me.

I taught yoga again last Sunday and that was it for exercise:(

Food: I ate a ton of sweets and goodies and we went wine tasting which always adds to the calories!
Me with my hair looking stupid, my sister in law Heidi and my Sister Keely.
Wine Tasting:)

Chad, Brother in law Kurt, Sister in Law Heidi, Sis-Keely and brother in law-Gabe

More wine tasting:)

Despite it all, my weight remained the same. Which is ok... better than gaining which I was sure I was going to do.

This week will probably not be a good one considering all the food and wine we are going to eat and drink tomorrow!

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EnjoyThanksgiving tomorrow!