Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To A Very Special Couple

On their VERY special day.

Happy Anniversary to my Grandparents on their 60th Wedding Anniversary.

Wow 60 years!!!

In this day and age it is a miracle for people to stay married for 10 years.... let alone 60!!!

Jim & Colleen

Did they not look soo cute and happy.

Love my Grandmas swim suit.

There were no dates on these photos, so I am guessing this is 1952ish.

My Grandma may even have been pregnant with my mom here, because my Papa was away in the Korean war when my mom was born.

Here they are now..... just as happy together as they were 60+ years ago.

Their love and commitment for each other is something I admire and strive for in my own marriage.

In the last 60 years they:

Met, fell in love and got married
Had two beautiful daughters
Moved from Southern CA to Northern CA
Have two funny son in laws
Two fabulous Granddaughters who are married to two great guys.
They have three precious Great Granddaughters
and two WILD and adorable Great Grand Sons.
They were blessed with having my Great Grandma Maxine in their lives into her 80's
and my Great Grandma Mary in their lives past her 100th birthday.
They have had and still have some really great friends.
and their good health.

What more could you ask for.

Words can not describe how wonderful my Grandparents are, but as you will see below we all tried to put it into words.
Mom & Dad/ Jim & Colleen:
You are so much more than family. You are friends and traveling buddies. Words just cannot say how much we are soooooo very thankful especially for your total dedication, help and love the past four years. Sherri’s unbelievable progress, outlook on life and good humor are just a reflection on the sacrifices you have made and the love you continue to give.Some people might value the pile of dollars they have to rate their wealth. We just look at our family, and especially you and see that we have a mountain of wealth that cannot be surpassed. The only problem is, your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and their significant others have a next to impossible bar to reach when it comes to matching your character, morality and giving.
Love, Carl & Sherri
Jim & Colleen, The couple primarily responsible for this mess. Love ,Eckart
Happy 60th wedding anniversary Mom & Dad! I'm so proud to have you as my parents. You have been such great role models. Your unselfishness you show toward the family everyday is inspirational. I would not be the happy, fulfilled women I am today if it was not for you raising me. I'm a better person because of you. Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do. My love always,Lori
Grandma & Papa,
On this very special day, Gabe, Elijah and I would like to wish you a Happy 60th Anniversary!
For a couple to reach 60 years it must take unconditional love, support and a good sense of humor. We admire you both for the great love that you both share!
60 Years ago today you made a solemn vow
To love and cherish one another from that day til now
You built a family one by one
With hard work and of course some fun
You created a lifetime of happiness, for all of us to share
Nurtured, loved and watched over us, with so much care
We wish you both many more anniversaries to come
All the while hoping we too can attain that one
Lots of love and special wishes to two very special Grandparents!
I thought you might be interested in knowing about a few events that happened on your special day in history.
It is the Birthday of Beethoven and Jane Austen, Victory Day in Bangladesh, It is the Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge & the Boston Tea Party, and we can’t forget the TV premiere of Dragnet and One Day at a Time!
We love you! Keely, Gabe & Elijah
side note: I keep telling my sis above that she needs to start a blog!

Hi Jim Bro and Colleen,
Leon and I mailed you a card which says, "This anniversary must be getting up there...maybe 58 or 59......couldn't possibly be the big 60". However your girls tell me now that it IS the big 60! Unbelievable! Congratulations! It couldn't happen to a nicer couple and more wonderful family.....ENJOY IT ALL! Love Marlene and Leon
Congratulations Aunt Colleen and Uncle Jimmy on your 60th Anniversary! We wish you many more happy years together! Love Always,Samia, Terrie, Sandy and Dave
Dear Jim and Colleen;
The Odoms have been family friends for over 50 years, many fond memories of great family vacations. Catalina on the big white ship, Big Bear tobogganing down the snow and pine needle sloops, making snow men and snow women and clanging pots and pans on New Years Eve, floating on a house boat down the Sacramento River and getting stuck on the river bank. Wow, did we have fun J thank you Jim and Colleen for your wonderful friendship. Happy 60th Anniversary;Love from the Higley Family;Harry & Nancye, Lynda Drake and Gary Higley
I love you both sooooo much! Love, Wendy

We knew you would not want a party..... we did know you would probably enjoy a weekend away just the two of you or a nice dinner out with the family.

But none of those things are happening.

What we thought you would enjoy most of all is spending a weekend away with your family.

Papa & Grandma

Please join us: Eckart & Lori, Carl & Sherri, Jennifer, Chad, Gabby, Gwen, Graham & Scarlette, and Keely, Gabe & Eli.

For a weekend of family fun & more wonderful memories.

on the Mendocino coast

in a beautiful beach house (click to see the house Eck found for ALL of us)

Jan 2010 (we will tell you the exact date in person so we don't get stalked)

Picture of the beach from the house we will be staying in.

Kitchen in the beach house.

Sure wish my kitchen looked like this.
We can not wait to share the weekend with you.

To the best Grandparents in the whole world: We have learned so much from you.

Papa: you taught us by example of how a true man should treat a woman and in doing so we have all made excellent choices in mates. You have also taught us that sometimes in life it is the little things that are important. Even though you always wanted a boy you loved and treasured all of your girls and always made us feel special. Above all else you have taught us that family is the most important.

Grandma: I only wish I had your energy, you amaze me. Your house is always clean, there is always a super yummy meal on the table, and yummy homemade dessert waiting to be eaten Immediately after the meal, you exercise every day, your huge yard and garden should be on a magazine and why have none of us inherited the painting skill? You are always dressed to perfection. I learned my love of vintage from you at an early age while attending antique shows with you and Mom. We are all creative girls and that is from watching you do fabulously creative things all of our lives. It will take all of us girls put together to fill your shoes.

You are both always there whenever we need you.... thank you for everything you have done and everything you continue to do!

We love you very much and hope this day is as special as you are to us.


Emily said...

Those are lovely pictures of your Grandparents!! Congrats to them on 60 years!!

Wendy said...

congrats to them!!

Young Wife said...

Congratulation to them! Sixty years is incredible!

Kelly said...

What a lovely post!

Congratulations to your Grandparents, 60 years is a massive achievement, as you say. But more than that they have obviously shown future generations of their family that true happiness is possible and you have all achieved that xxxx

Oh and your Grandmother doesn't look a day over 60 herself!!!! What a beautiful woman xxx

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Oh this is so sweet! Your grandparents look FANTASTIC! What a sweet tribute the entire family gave to them......they are so lucky to have found the right person and to make it work all those years!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family Jen!