Friday, December 18, 2009

What mothers of girls never know..

Disclaimer: I know this does not apply to all boys and it might apply to the rare girl. This is just what I have noticed in my 12.5 years of parenting.

Things I could never figure out when the two big girls were little and I had no son yet.

1. Why did my friends with boys stare at me shocked when I said I was taking the girls to the mall... remember they were little.


Because boys HATE shopping it must be a missing gene or something. Actually,I took all four kids to Ross the other day to get a couple of things for Christmas. Graham was in the cart, I had Scarlette in the moby wrap and the big girls were tagging along. We were not there two minutes and Graham was shouting I want that soccer ball, then we moved farther back in the store and he could see the toy section and he was repeatedly saying "go that way, go that way" and pointing towards the toys. Then he could see a fire truck and he was loudly talking about going to see the fire truck. Then he would get annoyed every time Gwen would touch the cart and SCREAM at the top of his lungs. After fighting with him for an hour in Ross we head to the register to pay and there are about 30 people in line. No one was nice enough to say take your 3 items and go ahead of me, when they could clearly see that Graham was loosing it. So we went to the return desk to ask them to hold something and they made us go BACK to the dressing room which is at the back of the store. I get back there and two of the items were clearance and they would not hold them, so I pretty much just stomped out of the store. How can three girls be fine and one little boy create so much stress.

I also always criticized the Mothers who let their boys run around with their binkis past the age of two which is when my girls gave them up. I GET IT NOW.

He still needs it, and so do I for that matter. It may sound like a cop out, but it really comforts him and calms him down. It makes car rides bare able, going to bed at night and nap time easy and if he is having a really rough day it helps then too.

I also remember wondering why these mothers of boys could not get them potty trained at two.


Graham was no where near ready at two. He was at 2.5 though and was a super star at it. Some boys are still not ready past that too. I used to think it was something the parents were doing wrong. NOPE. He still is not night time trained and not sure when that will happen.

I remember the first time a little boy pushed my first little baby Gabby down and wondering what the parents were not doing right. I remember hearing stories about little boys climbing on counters, getting things out of cupboards, coloring on walls, jumping on furniture, throwing anything and everything and all sorts of other CRAZY boy stuff.


Graham started by climbing onto the dishwasher( when the door was open) before he could walk, then progressed to pushing chairs around to get to the table, counters the island and then climb up there. Or pushing the chair up to the pantry and getting whatever snack out of the cupboard he desired. He also jumps on the couch ever chance he gets, no matter how many times he is told no and sent to the corner. Oh, lets not forget the climbing out of the crib... still in the crib with the tent on it... he may stay in there until middle school! My son has had a good throwing arm since he was super little and he is amazingly accurate. I have been hit with matchbox cars, sippy cups, stuffed animals, books and yes balls too. He has colored on counters, the wall the couch, and numerous other things that are not meant to be colored on. I use to think it was lack of supervision or proper punishment. HA... Not so much. It is just how he is wired.

We went to the discovery museum in Sausalito the other day and it is at the base of the golden gate bridge. It was 55 and sunny in DECEMBER!
Let me also say that he is the sweetest, cuddliest, most loving boy.... and I would not trade him for the world. I have a new respect for mothers of multiple boys.... yikes I think I would loose my mind.


Kelly said...

Ha ha this really made me laugh!
I have a small cousin and you jsut pretty much described him!!!!
I have to say Graham is a cutie!!!

Emily said...

This also made me laugh!! Graham is just so makes you forget all the other stuff! :)

Heidi said...

I hear ya! Sam destroys about three things per hour. I'm hoping SOphie is a little more low key. Good thing our boys are cute. And they do love their Mamas.

Wendy said...

LOL! My 5 tear old girl is that way, but some of it reminds me of Blake.

Jessica said...

Hi! I just found your blog via the vintage sheet swap and I've been looking around. This post just cracked me up!! I have two boys ages 6 & 4 and your post sums up my life to a tee. My husband often jokes and says "do you think our friends with girls are afraid to close their eyes when they are laying on the couch? I'm afraid of getting hit with a light saber!" Yes, its definitely a different world we live in!!