Monday, December 28, 2009

My Christmas Decorations- A bit Late

I did not fall off the face of the earth... I was however without internet for FIVE days!!!!!!!!!!
UGGG... they finally got the DSL working properly today.
So better late than never... here are this years Christmas decorations.

Gabby helped me arrange this, she had fun doing it.
The very bottom shelf is all the santa photos I have from everyone in my family.

My vintage ceramic tree colection with a couple of other trees thrown in.

Our Christmas tree. Of course I chose a sunny day to take the photo, it looked so pretty at night.

This is one of my very favorite decorations. It is made out of vintage costume jewelry.
LOVE it!

Close up!

Our stockings hung on our mantle.
Chads, Gwens, Mine, Scarlettes, Gabbys and Grahams.
I got the stocking holders after xmas last year for 2$ each. Nice to have 6 matching ones!
Need to work on the stockings, I made the girls when they were little and now I need to make some new matching ones because this is quite the hodge podge. Chads I knitted and mine is a vintage one made out of a quilt, I love it and scarlettes is one I had used in years past and Grahams I got at a garage sale a few years ago and decided it matched better than the red one I made for him. A project for next year.

My vintage printers box.

My cute little pink tree.

a fun close up.
Hope you enjoyed a peek at our decorations. I had a very hard time decorating for Christmas when we are so not unpacked. I just put up the xmas decor and left the rest in the garage. Operation christmas removal starts tomorrow and then I can continue to unpack and decorate.
And decorate and host Graham's 3rd bday party. Yikes it is in less than two weeks.


Celia said...

Amazing brooches tree!!! Haven't seen anything so magic bfore!

Kelly said...

all looks fabby!
I love the ceramic trees!!!

Wendy said...

Great decorations! I love the ceramic trees. One grandma had a green one, and one had a white one.

I have stocking issues! I can never find one I like for Layla. She's had 2 so far, and I'm not happy with either! I guess I could make them...