Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Weight Loss Wed.

Last weight loss Wed. of 2009.
Lost half of a pound through the holidays... so am pretty happy considering all the food I ate.
Did get a few long walks in with the family.
8 pounds to pre preg weight.
15 pounds to go to goal weight
These last 15 are going to be the hardest.
Starting in Jan. I will be comming up with some more intersting tid bits to post on WLW, and I know all the participants will be back on board and super motivated and hopefully some new participants as well.
I am going to enjoy my food tommorow night and then time to get serious!!!


april o. @ the artchics said...

Hope you had a great holiday! Glad you are back home with family. I will be back on board next week and yes getting serious as well. I hope I can do the Eat In Month Challenge as well. I never could get the three column blog to work. Maybe my coder friend can help me after the first of the year. Have a wonderful New Year's. Yes, I will be having take out for the last time!

Kelly said...

I'm back in next week! Can't wait to be honest! I have been pretty good over the holidays though because I was stuck at work most of it!!!
Well done on the half pound! Thats really good!

Colima said...

Good job! It's hard to stay on track during the holidays with all the yummy distractions!