Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Year in Review

Thought I would do a quick recap of 2009. The year had its ups( Scarlette Grace) and downs(Moving again) which was also an up... because we are back home in CA.
5-Quilts Finished

3-Quilts almost finished

193-Blog Posts Counting this one- It would have been even more had I not been busy with packing and moving and unpacking.

Another move Across the US

23 books read- doesn't seem like many.... better than none at all I suppose.

Graham turned 2

I celebrated my 35th bday.. yikes

We confirmed our suspicions that we were having a baby girl.

Gwen turned 9- Last year of single digits.

Gabby turned 12

Potty trained Graham (May) He was super easy to potty train. Still no night trained but that will come in time.

I hosted a vintage sheet swap..... and will be hosting another in JAN... so stay tuned.

We finished the Nursey that Scarlette never got the chance to sleep in.

The best thing to happen all year......Scarlette Grace arrives

I started Weight Loss Wed. Out of necessity to lose 40+lbs and now only have 15 to go:)

Packing and moving... the least fun part of the year.

Moving back to CA

Grandparents 60th Wedding anniversary

Our family Christmas card photos. We used the timer so they are kind of funny!

This is the one we used for our cards and I am bummed because it came out darker on the cards:(

Love this one!! Poor Graham we woke him up to take these. I love the way Scarlette is looking at him.

These were the second round of photos because someone messed with the camera and had it on low resolution, so we had to do them all over.. not fun.

I have ten minutes to get this posted before it is the new year!

Hope 2010 is a great year.


landcuckoo said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, great photos! You have had a full on year haven't you, best wishes for 2010.
Sarah x

Kelly said...

What a year!!!!
Some lovely times!!!

Wendy said...

Sounds like a pretty good year for the most part! That nursery was gorgeous :)

Pixie said...

What a jam-packed year you have had! Let's hope 2010 is even better!

BTW, pop over to my blog..I found the addy for that owl taggie!


jaybird said...

lots more good than bad... so congrats on a good year!!

fairychildheirlooms said...

Happy New Year Jen!