Monday, January 18, 2010

My Boy Turned 3

Blogger has a new format and I haven't quite mastered the photo layout so they are kind of out of order! UGG!
We celebrated Graham's birthday on his actual birthday with my parents and grandparents.  I made lunch for everyone and then we ate cake and opened gifts.

 I can not believe he is three all ready, it goes to quick. He is no longer my little snuggly baby, he is a super busy crazy little boy and every day is an adventure!

At his 3 year check up he weighed in at 38 pounds and he is 40" tall..... which puts him in the 90th percentile for both height and weight.

Graham with his gift from grandma Sherri and Papa Carl (my parents)
Below he is using his gift for the first time.

After gifts we went to the Yountville driving range so he could hit some balls.
He is right handed but golfs and bats left handed.

Me trying to help him.  This is sooo daddy's department, he was out of town:( 

Miss Gwen.  She inherited these clubs from Gabby as Gab is now to tall for them.

Back to opening gifts.

Cake time.
The girls and I made the cake late the night before and realized that we couldn't find my cake decorating stuff.. packed still. So the cake is less than pretty.. it tasted good!

Papa Carl helping Graham with his golf form.

I hit one ball!
I took golf lessons 10 years ago when I was pregnant with Gwen. This is the extent of my golf skills!

How cute is he!!!
He had so much fun.  Papa Carl bought two small buckets of balls and when they were gone Graham said "More papa more."

Now on to his friend party.

Scarlette and he two Tatums or "Tatos" as Graham calls them. 
Scarlette Grace-Pink, Tatum Grace-Navy, Tatum Jane-Aqua.
This is what the little sisters did at the party!

The weather was dry and cold but that did not stop the crazy boys from playing on the swing set.
Left swing- B-day boy, middle- Grahams cousin Eli and right swing Graham's friend Landon.
The nice Dads who pushed the boys forever on the swings:
 Left: Kevin- Ryan's dad and right-Carlos- Landon's dad.

Graham was a little shy when we sang happy birthday to him so he clung to "my Gabby" as he calls her.

Me looking HORRID helping him open gifts.

The  table all set for the party.  I covered it in butcher paper so the boys could color on it and play with the homemade peanut butter play dough the girls and I made.  Graham requested a choo choo party.  So 5 days before I quickly threw something together. I hate that his bday is so close to xmas.  Next year I am going to try to work on his party in the fall so it is not so last minute.

I was able to reuse the bunting I made for his first bday and Chad made the tracks on the floor with black duck tape.  The girls and I made the two signs. That was the best we could do in a few days. He was happy so I guess that is all that matters.

Here's to year 3!!!



LissyLou said...

happy birthday little man xx

Wendy said...

What a cute little party! Happy Birthday Graham!!

The little girls are precious :)