Saturday, February 20, 2010

Felt House Along

Like I really needed another project, but this will be such a fun thing for Graham. He is at that fun stage where imginary play and pretend are in full swing.

This week is the planning stage.I pretty much love the plan that Cheryl at Sew Can Do came up with, hope Cheryl doesn't mind but am going to use her plans and maybe tweek them a little as I go.
Her plans include each side being interactive: a post office with removable letters,stamps and a mail box, a market with produce and a shopping basket, a bank with a atm and a deposit slot and teller window and an ice cream parlor with removable cones and scoops.  so fun!

I am going to use my card table as well, it measures 35x35"x28"tall.

I need to go dig through my totes in the garage and see what felt I have on hand so I know what I need to buy. 

You can see fun ideas and the other participants and join here.


fawnda said...

That play house did look really fun! I can't wait to see more! : )