Friday, February 19, 2010

Mustard Flowers Napa Valley

On Valentine's day I decided to take some photos of my brood!

WARNING.... there are a TON of photos!!Some of them are the same photos with different editing, couldn't decided which I liked better, would love feedback.

Scarlette -I think she is about the cutest thing ever.. no bias here!

Kicking back on the patio furniture in the back yard.

Yummy little toes!

Scarlette's first mustard flower photo shoot.

Serious concentration on the flower. It went in her mouth about two seconds after I took this.
(one on the bottom is original)

Scarlette with Gwen and her friend Izzy in the background.

Little toes in the mustard flowers!

Graham and Scarlette

my "littles"

Me Gwen and Scarlette
Ignore my ugly shoes, they are my garden shoes.. it can be a bit muddy in the fields. I can not find my cute scottie dog rain boots:(

Sweet faces!

Soooo beautiful...

Hanging out in the back yard.
Yes that is a rain umbrella in the background.

Gwen and Izzy... yet another I could not decide on.
Original is on the top.

Graham and Gwen
(original on bottom)

Gwen and Izzy. How cute are they! I love the look of joy on their faces as they are throwing the flowers up in the air!

Izzy and Gwen strolling through the field!

Cute friends!

My little man.
He loved the flowers he wanted to find more and keeps asking to go back!

My dudes!

(Original on bottom)

Let's title this one "teen angst"
Gabby did not want to go on this outing and was a total butt the whole time.

I really wanted a nice one of all four of them... but no. my oldest child was hideous.
These are as good as it got.

My parents, grandparents and friends that knew me as a teen are laughing right about now!

My babies!

We may go try it again if I can get Gabby to cooperate!


Kristen said...

They all look so nice I love the edited ones. My 11yr old son never wants to cooperate for pictures. The feild is so pretty it makes me wish for spring even more. All I can see here is snow and more snow!

Priscila said...

so cute!!! Email me...what camera do u use?

Kelly said...

They are so cute! Very lovely children x

Wendy said...

omg she is adorable!