Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weight Loss Wed.

It's that time again.... WLW.  I have nada to report, no gain and no loss. AGAIN!  I am so stuck here, I know what I need to do, it is just a matter of doing it.  Exercise more and eat less, only prob is I LOVE food!!  I did really bd on last weeks goals, I am not going to add any new ones.  I don't think I drank one glass of milk last week, I just forget about milk... shessh  Now that the weather is sunny and beautiful  I am feeling motivated to get my bootie moving. Just realized I now have a pool and will have to wear a swim suit soon.... YIKES. 

Below are links to this weeks participants, pop over and leave them an encouraging comment. If you want to join us, email me and I will add you to the weekly email list. Everyone is welcome, weather you want to lose 5lbs or 50lbs. If you don't see your link and you are participating, please email me

Colima Smith of: Moppy Jane Crafts

Brianne Kjar of: Kjar Family

Sarah of: Sew Sarah

Lissylou of: Lissylou & the 2 Little boys

Karen of: Lolodesigns

April of: The Art Chics

Jena of: Corgi Pants

Sarah of: Blogger Chix Design

sick baby must go!


Sarah said...

You're doing fine. Keep up the good work and you'll get there!
Blogger Chix Designs

Sarah said...

you can do it! Think of each day as a new one and try to make good food choices. It is so hard when you have more than one kiddo - I'm figuring that out...