Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

While we were at the beach a few weekends ago we took some pictures with a heart shaped rock. 

Thought it would be a fun photo montage for Valentine's day.

Gwenzie Lou
Me and Scarlette
Chad.... he made this face on purpose because he thought this was silly and that the rock looked like a check mark!
My little sis-Keely
My nephew Eli... love this one!
My brother in law Gabe....  My sister chased him down and made him hold it. A few minutes later he and Chad tossed it!  I was bummed, kind of wanted to keep it and maybe take some more photos!  boys!
Gabby making her own heart since we no longer had the rock.
Graham holding the smaller heart we found.
My sis holding it.
Gabby again
Gwen.... she had been digging in he sand moments before:)

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's day filled with love!!