Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fort Bragg Trip- Jan 2010

Here are the photos of our trip to the beach for my grandparents 60th anniversary. It was a wonderful weekend.  The weather was beautiful, the food was yummy and plentiful and the company was the best.
I had to do photo collages because there were soooo many pictures.

Aren't they the cutest!  Hope Chad and I love each other that much after 60 years.

The beautiful CA coast.
Can you believe this is Jan.
SO happy to be back where the weather is mild, especially after hearing about all the crazy snow NC has gotten.

Top left: papa and Chad deep in conversation.  Top right: Graham and Chad having a snack.
Bottom left:  Graham, Gwen, my Mom and Grandma  and my Aunt serving Gwen a Lime Ricky.
What is a lime Ricky you ask: 
Uncle Eck taught the kids how to make them, I think it is fresh lime juice and 7up.  Clearly I did not pay attention.
Top left: Gwen, Graham and Eli playing on hte beach.  Gwen and Eli.  Gabby.  Bottom left: Eckart.  Keely, Gabby, Graham and Eli walking on the beach. Gabby and Eli

Top left:  Me, Scarlette and my hubby:)  Gwen, Graham, me and Scarlette.
Bottom left:  Me, Chad and Scarlette.  Me and my 4 babies.  My dudes, Graham and Chad walking down to Glass Beach.
Graham and Eli.

For those of you who do not actually know my husband, he is super careful, neat, tidy...annal.  He doesn't like to get dirty and he is usually good at not getting dirty.  This wave caught him by surprise, and he got wet and a bit sandy!  The other picture is of my sis, Gabe and Eli laughing at Chad getting wet... they know him!
Top Left: Chad and Gabe enjoying a beer and the view. Me, Scarlette and my Sis.
Bottom left:  My little family... who have all decided we would love to live by the beach and be beach bums.  Graham and Eli. Gabby, me and Scarlette.

Top Left:  Gabby's piggies.  Eli(boots) and Grahams feet.  Gwen's hands.

My little dude!
Top Left: Gabby, me and Scarlette.  Me, my sis and Scarlette. Gab and her Auntie.
Bottom left: Gab and my sis. Me, Scarlette and my sis.  Keely sitting on a rock waiting for someone to come take a picture with her.
Top Left: My fam. The two of graham squatting down are too cute, he had to sticks and was scooping and stirring the water. I asked him what he was doing and he said" making diner"  Then a few minutes later" I'm making burgers."
Bottom left is funny too:  what you can not see is that on the rock to his left Gwen and Eli were sitting and Keely told them to lean their heads towards each other so Graham got in on the action. HA 
Scarlette hanging out.
Top row: Gabe, Keely and Eli
Bottom row: Keely and her little dude.  Gwen and auntie looking for glass on glass beach. Keely running from the waves.

Can't wait for he next family trip, we had so much fun!