Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book Reviews

I haven't posted about books in a long time, and I don't have time to upload photos as it is all ready midnight and I need to wash my hair still. Egads!  

Months ago I read the Katie MacAlister series  starting with: You Slay me... then the other 3: Fire me up, Light my fire, and Holy Smokes. This series is a super quick read.  They sort of remind me of the Stephanie Plum books By Janet Evanovich... in the way that they are funny and easy reads.  You do have to have an imagination as there are dragons that are in human form and other out of this world stuff.  I generally don't go for that kind of stuff, but it is done in a  similar way to the twilight series so it seems almost believable.

 Next was Tea Time for the traditionally Built by Alexander McCall Smith:  I have read this series from the first book. It is another nice easy read.  Set in Africa and just everyday type stories.

Last Book I finished was the Gate House by Nelson Demille:   I have loved all of his books, they are excellent. He is super sarcastic ... like my hubby, which apparently I enjoy.  This was the sequel to Gold Coast, which I read many moons ago.  If you like a little suspense without the gore and a little humor this is the way to go.

The book I am reading is a big one, and is taking me awhile to read!  Off to bed