Thursday, March 4, 2010

Splat Mat

I actually completed a sewing project.  Woo Hoo
Scarlette is now sitting in her high chair for meals and soon she will be making a huge mess.  So , I decided it was time to make a splat mat.  I have had this vinyl coated cotton fabric for awhile, I bought it when Graham was a baby thinking I would make some bibs.  Obviously that never happened.

I used a yard of each print, sewed them right sides together leaving an opening for turning, turned right sides out and top stitched all the way around.  And Voila!

The girls think Graham needs one too! I think my whole house needs one, ha!
The cool thing is I can actually throw it in the washing machine when it gets really nasty.


A. said...

Oh jeez. I need to do this so. bad. The genius that designed our apartment put carpet in the eating area. CARPET!! I am sure that when we move out there will be a giant ring of food around the spot where our table was.

Colima said...

Hey! I received my package of FQ's today! Thank you!

Mama Holli said...

Darling! Just perfect!!! Found you at Top Mommy Blogs!!! Coming over to say hi and send a vote your way my dear!
Have a good one!
Mama Holli

Ashley said...

Found your blog on Top Mommy and I love it! I just became a follower. Great project (splat mat), I should really make one for my 8 month old who just learned to throw his food on the floor :)


Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

I love it! Although for my pair, I would've needed one that was much bigger, they seemed to get orange mess (why always orange??!!) EVERYWHERE! xxx