Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesdays

What do I have to report this week.... NADA.  No change once again, are we bored yet!  I am so over it!
I can report that I taught yoga Fri, Walked yesterday and today and Danced tonight.  I have plans with my friend Tiffanie to walk tomorrow, yoga on Fri and Sun,  Sat running around like a crazy person for Gwen's Alice in Wonderland party... Maybe this will help... PLEASE!!!  Tiffanie and I are on a mission, we realized the pool season is starting soon(almost 80 today) and I have a pool in my yard now, so I need to be able to wear a swim suit and not feel like a flabby, jiggly HIPPO!  So we are going to walk as many days out of the week as we can. Hopefully at least three days!

If you want to join us, email me and I will add you to the weekly email list or just add your link to mr linky. Everyone is welcome, weather you want to lose 5lbs or 50lbs. 

Make sure to pop into the other participants and see how they are doing and cheer them along!
Have a great week, and keep your fingers crossed that I can finally see some progress next week!


LoloDesigns said...

Ditto! Didn't lose anything either! Very envious of your temperatures over there. We have just come out of our mini ice age and now have a bit of sunshine but still only 50 degrees! xx

Colima said...

You'll get there! Just keep it up :) I know it's frustrating when you aren't seeing any change on the scale though.